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The new dating show that blows The Bachelor success rate out of the water

Your first look at The Proposal is here.
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Move over Bachelor franchise!

There’s a hot new dating show coming in hot and it’s all in front of a studio audience.

Channel Seven has released a first-look at their hotly anticipated dating show, The Proposal, which looks like a mix of The Bachelor, Blind Date AND Man-o-Man (remember that gem from the early 90s?).

The show was created by the genius US team that brought us The Bachelor – and if you’re not quite sure of the premise based on watching the trailer above, we’ll break it down for you.

Hosted by Luke Jacobz, each hour-long episode is filmed in front of a live audience and features a singleton who is involved in a type of “soul mate pageant”.

In the same vein as Blind Date, a suitor, who is concealed until the last second, has to choose between 10 contestants.

Once chosen, the suitor’s identity is revealed and the lucky “winner” then “proposes”. Move over MAFS!

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Meet Jess, the gorgeous single mum-of-two, looking for love. (Source: Channel 7)

Now, before you panic, the proposal itself is open to interpretation and can come in many forms.

It could be a promise to date once they leave the studio or go on a holiday together – but if they feel so inclined, an actual proposal can take place and where has this show been our whole life?

In the trailer, released by Channel Seven on Tuesday, we meet the gorgeous Jess – a single mother-of-two teenage daughters.

“You don’t think that you get to this point in your life and not have a partner,” she says.

“I may not have many material things to give, but I have a lot of love. I have a lot of love and I think that that’s enough.

“Now’s the time for me to find my life partner. It is my greatest dream to get married. I’ve always wanted to get married.

I’m looking for the one, I’m looking for my husband…”

So, could it be this guy?

Hello, this guy! (Source: Channel 7)

Or this guy?

Hello, this guy #2! (Source: Channel 7)

Or maybe this guy:

Hubba, hubba! (Source: Channel 7)

Whoever it is, we’re already hooked!

And while this show seems a little out there and perhaps, a little outdated – the success rate in the US is actually pretty good!

From a ten ep season, FOUR of the couples stayed together after the show. Four! That’s 40%!

Rob Mills, US ABC boss – not Aussie actor Rob Mills – was just as surprised as anyone that the show actually seemed to work.

“I certainly didn’t expect it, but I’m glad we were able to make some love matches,” he said when interviewed by E News after the first US season in August 2018.

In fact, he didn’t think that any of the contestants would actually propose.

“We sort of didn’t think most everybody would take this that seriously, but they all kind of did,” he revealed.

“It was crazy. It wasn’t something that we premeditated, it evolved into this,” he said.

“I certainly understand why people got engaged because it was all very heightened and you get swept up in the moment.”

So what was the US version’s secret?

Well, they “did certainly try and get people we thought would be compatible with” the mystery man or woman in the pod, he revealed.

“I’m surprised that the success rate is this good.”

This looks like an engagement ring to us! (Source: Channel 7)

Here’s hoping there are some seriously good couples in the Aussie version for us to get behind and that they’re, as they say on reality TV, in it for the right reasons.

The Proposal is coming soon to Channel Seven

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