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Still going strong! Inside House Rules judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s 30-year marriage to wife Jackie

“I worship the ground on which her knuckles drag."
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Since his first appearance as a judge on Channel Seven’s House Rules in 2015, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has been winning over Australian audiences with his witty – and savage – critiques of contestants’ renovations.

And away from the cameras, the 55-year-old is just as adored by the woman in his life, wife Jackie.

The couple tied the knot way back in 1989 and are still going strong more than three decades later.

“I worship the ground on which her knuckles drag,” Laurence said of his wife Jackie.

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Rocky Beginnings

While Laurence and Jackie may share an unbreakable bond now, they almost had a false start when they first began dating.

When they met as 19-year-old students after a mutual friend set them up on a blind date, they clicked straight away.

There was one problem – Jackie assumed Laurence was gay at first.

“It was a complete Olympic instant attraction,” Laurence said in 2015, as reported by Express.

“I was actually quite pleased to find out that she had assumed I was gay because it meant that my very, very stealth pound was entirely unexpected and unguarded.”

Despite Jackie’s initial reservations, their fate was set. Jackie and Laurence fell in love and wed in 1989 before welcoming two daughters, Cecille, born in 1995 and Hermione, born in 1998.

The couple also share a three-year-old grandson called Albion, with Laurence once describing the toddler as a much cuter “third person” in his marriage.

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Laurence (right) pictured with fellow House Rules judges Saul Myers and Kyly Clarke.

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Strong Bond

In 2014, Laurence spoke to the UK’s Hello! magazine to celebrate the couple’s 25th anniversary and gushed about his long-time partner.

“We’ve got a 30-year friendship that gets better and better. I worship the ground on which her knuckles drag,” Laurence told the publication.

Laurence is no stranger to complimenting his wife, describing her as his “most treasured possession” and raving about her to The Times.

“My wife — she’s not quite an antique, but she’s got lovely Queen Anne legs,” he said.

Laurence said Jackie is his “most treasured possession”.

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Lasting the distance

In a previous interview with TV WEEK, Laurence revealed the secret to a happy marriage.

“Top of the list is gin – never underestimate it! [Laughs] But we’re lucky to have met each other so long ago,” he said.

“We met when we were 19 and it’s been successful and solid since. But, as with any relationship, it’s still been tough. With fame, we’ve had weird pressures.”

The couple also shared further insight into their relationship and how they make it work while speaking to New Idea, and said they were grateful they were able to hold on to their union.

“We are constantly aware of how lucky we are to be together for so long,” Laurence said.

“In the context of our marriage we have had tremendous highs and we have had tremendous lows. And we have worked very hard to build something together.”

He added that remembering that tough times don’t last is also key.

“You can have a s–t week, a c–p month or an irritated year, but in the context of a 30-year marriage, that’s nothing. You have to be patient and realistic.”

The couple has been married since 1989 and have two kids.

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