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The brothers take the win! Joss and Henry are crowned the winners of Lego Masters 2022

It was a tough competition but the fan faves came out on top with one of the best monster builds ever.
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After a mammoth fourth season filled with some of the most creative and awe-inspirig builds Australia has ever seen, the winners of Lego Masters 2022 have been crowned.

The gripping finale had fans on the edges of their seats as they tried to guess who would take home the trophy and in the end it was fan-favourites Joss and Henry who made it out on top.

They had a whopping 28 hours to build whatever they wanted to impress Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught and 200 members of the public and managed to create an incredible scene of a monster battling a robot crab.

The brothers couldn’t have been happier with their win.

(Image: Nine)

From the get-go it was clear the brothers’ passion and creativity would take them far and their final build proved just how much they learned on the show – and earned them the win!

“We get to say that we’ve won Lego Masters… like, what?” Joss exclaimed after winning the trophy and $100,000 – plus an extra $50 from host Hamish Blake.

“It’s crazy to say we got on Lego Masters or got to the final, but we won!”

Brickman was impressed with their technical build.

(Image: Nine)

Brickman called their monster and Mec build “the best” he’d ever seen on the show, high praise from a man who has seen so many incredible builds.

He praised everything from their storytelling, to the build’s aesthetics and technical ability, but as usual it was Joss and Henry’s skills at building monsters that shone through.

And after building so many on this season of Lego Masters – from the very first challenge, to the Sky’s The Limit challenge that won them a spot in the grand finale – it’s no wonder their monster builds have become so iconic.

Caleb and Alex were proud to take out second place.

(Image: Nine)

Alex and Caleb surprised even themselves when they came in second place above Nick and Gene, who took out third.

Despite Nick and Gene’s powerful winning streak early in the season, Alex and Caleb really found their stride in the final few challenges and completed a capitvating build in the finale.

“I can’t even express how much fun we’ve had, it’s literally just been joking and laughing around,” Caleb said.

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“To come second through just having a whole bundle of fun with Alex is amazing.”

They and Nick and Gene were proud of Joss and Henry’s win, as well as their own achievements – after all, the Lego Masters contestants are nothing if not wholesome.

We can’t wait to see what the next season brings – perhaps Hamish will up the ante and add $100 to the rpixe pool in 2023. Only time will tell!

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