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Love Island Australia’s Jaxon Human confesses: “I do at-home strip shows for $3000”

Holy son of, er, anarchy – Love Island bomb Jax has Team NW thirsty!
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Sure, he claims to be a tennis coach, but it’s what goes on when the lights go out that has every woman Down Under paying attention to new Love Island Australia intruder Jaxon “Jax” Human.

“I’m a stripper and dancer on the weekends,” Jax, 24, who models himself after the popular TV series Sons of Anarchy character Jax Teller, tells NW.

“I’ve been doing it for nearly six years, so it’s just not challenging.”

Jax has become a fast-favourite on Love Island. Photography: Michelle Lancaster/ Men Of Dreams.

With all that experience, we imagine his saucy shows don’t come cheap!

“Maximum I’ve made on a Saturday would be $3000 – minimum is $1000,” he boasts of the price of his “at-home jobs”.

“It does pay well, but sometimes it gets so busy that you might have to do 18 jobs a night back-to-back.”

Jax or Sons Of Anarchy‘s Charlie Human? Swipe across to see if you can spot the difference!

The Love Island babe even has the same tattoo as the Sons Of Anarchy character!

Now that he’s on the sexiest series on TV, does that mean we’ll be getting to see his show for free?

“It depends,” he says cheekily.

“But I do want to steer clear of getting nude and being stereotyped. I’m not going to have sex on TV. I would love to find someone on there who will come to Kmart with me to buy a flannelette shirt and hop on the back of my Harley and ride for days.”

Jax says he’s looking for a girl to take for rides on the back of his Harley to Kmart.

Kmart and a Harley? We’re coming, Jax – just let us get our helmet!

Don’t miss this week’s NW for more secrets from the Love Island cast!

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