Love Island

The Love Island Australia villa: Take a grand tour!

We take you inside Spain's hottest HQ.

By Bella Brennan
If we were going to give up our freedom and be locked in a confined space for the sake of reality TV (and true love of course), our first dibs would have to be the Love Island Australia villa.
If you can get over the fact there's 69 cameras filming you, couple swapping at every twist and turn, mixed in with a healthy dose of tears, tanties and talking about absolutely nothing all the while wearing a bikini or a pair of dick stickers, it's pretty much like going on an all-expenses paid luxury holiday!
The palatial mansion is nestled on a secluded part of Spain's party island Mallorca and we're already getting a serious case of wanderlust watching the Love Island stars get into relaxation mode.
Can't afford a plane ticket to Spain? Fear not! We take you on a tour of the Love Island villa!

The bedrooms

Hyper-coloured prints, spacious beds for spooning and cosy linen make for a very romantic setting!
Too bad it's communal bunking, hopefully everyone packed ear plugs.
Couple up, then get your snuggle on with a complete random.
The royal blue walls with the metallic sheets make for a zinging contrast.
If this colour palette doesn't wake you up in the morning, we don't know what will!

Communal area

The laid-back beach vibes are perfectly balanced with a 90s twist thanks to the egg chair.
And how comfy does that fluffy throw look?
Swinging on an egg chair is a great way to let off some steam or enjoy a smooch.

The make-up room

Let's face it, the lasses we've met so far on Love Island aren't exactly low-key with their beauty routine so we bet their stoked with this make-up room.
And we're sure the lads have been using the straightener, too.
With 69 cameras around the mansion, you can't blame them for wanting to look good.
The cast can keep their manes in check with this blow-drier.
With 69 cameras around the mansion, you can't blame them for wanting to look good.

Neon signs

In case the cast forget what the show is all about, these bright neon signs will serve as a friendly reminder.
When in doubt, look to the walls for a friendly reminder about the ethos of Love Island.
Will this inspire a real-life love story to play out? Only time will tell...

All good villas need a pool and a view

Sure the inside of the villa is incredible, but the backyard is where all the fun happens - from the coupling up ceremonies, to the first glance of an intruder strutting in.
With a pool and a spa to choose from, these pampered islanders don't really have a leg to stand on if they dare complain about life in the villa.
How big is that pool?
Inflatable flamingos are always a crowd pleaser.
Spot the camera.
Slip, slop, slap, then recline in these loungers.
That view's not too shabby either.

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