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A rumoured stint on Love Island and a big ol’ glow up: Here’s what you need to know about SAS Australia’s Jackson Warne

The 21-year-old son to cricketer Shane Warne has made his prime-time reality TV debut.
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Jackson Warne is a fresh faced 21-year-old, but he’s already doing the rounds in Australia’s social sphere.

Well, at least where reality TV is concerned.

You see, while he might be the son of famous Aussie cricketer Shane Warne, Jackson is quickly proving he’s keen on tackling another, er, career path – and it couldn’t be further from cricket.

The 21-year-old is joining the cast of Australia’s version of Who Dares Wins, aptly named SAS Australia.

The young up-and-comer will be subject to the gruelling training and selection process required of those who train to be part of the real life Army Unit.

But interestingly, this isn’t Jackson’s first foray into reality TV territory – well, almost, at least.

And as he rises the ranks of Aussie’s, um, C-list (?) celebs, we have a bunch of questions about this guy. What does he do? Does he have a girlfriend? What’s his relationship like with his famous dad?

Below, we do a good old fashioned deep dive on the rising Aussie star.

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Who is Jackson Warne?

Jackson Warne in the son of famous Aussie cricketer Shane Warne.

Born in 1999, Jackson was born into a world of flashing cameras and blaring headlines – mostly because of his father’s profile as a cricketer and socialite in the Aussie scene.

The pair seem to have a close relationship, with Shane often sharing updates on his son – in fact, back in 2018, the famous sportsman shared a modelling picture of Jackson, writing: “Very proud of my son. Takes after his Dad.”

Perhaps in looks, yes, but in cricketing… well, it appears not.

Jackson and Shane appear to share a close relationship.


Speaking of his son’s future prospects, Shane previously told The Herald Sun: “I never pushed Jackson into cricket… He played it for a year, took a hat-trick – took four wickets in five balls – bowling a little bit of leg spin or with the seam, smashed a few with the bat,”

But as proud as he was, Shane admitted the game “didn’t really grab him.”

Not to worry though, looks like Jackson has his own agenda when it comes to future jobs – perhaps involving the catwalks?

Does Jackson Warne have a girlfriend?

At 21, many might be wondering who Jackson has dated in the past.

There’s nothing to suggest he has a partner right now – though there could have been – if a little rumour from last year come into fruition.

Ever heard of Love Island? Yea, well someone thought Jackson would be well up for that job.

The show’s iconic host Sophie Monk was put on the spot when speaking to Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev and Byron, being asked if Jackson was on the list for a spot on the reality show.

Sophie apparently looked a little taken aback, quickly scanning her publicist who was conveniently on hand for these kinds of questions.

“He’s shaking his head,” Sophie told the hosts. “So no, I don’t think the show needs celebrities, you don’t need it. It’s all there.”

SAS Australia on the other hand…

Rumours that Jackson might be making an appearance on Love Island Australia were rife last year.


What does Jackson Warne do?

A quick glance at Jackson’s Instagram will tell you he’s had quite the glow up – so much so that it looks like modelling work has practically fallen into his lap.

In April, the 21-year-old shared a series of shots from a photoshoot where he looked, er, all grown up, wearing a series of singlets, T-shirts and… not much else.

So as we prepare to see him grace Australia’s screens for the first time, perhaps it might be appropriate to take a minute to see how far the lad has come.

Remember the days when Shane had that little monkey sitting atop his shoulder as he made his way throughout the world’s most famous pitches?

Oh how time flies.

Never forget.


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