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“I knew it was going to be us”: The Bachelor’s Irena and Locky are about to celebrate a very sweet milestone

Yep, they're still in love!
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Irena Srbinovska found love with Locky Gilbert on last year’s season of The Bachelor, and now she’s shared a sweet update on their romance just weeks before their one year anniversary.

The season eight winner took to Instagram on Sunday night to share a romantic throwback photo of herself and Locky sharing a kiss on her Stories.

The snap was taken outside the Bachelor mansion when they first reunited after being separated due to the coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

Irena Srbinovska shared this photo of her and Locky Gilbert reuniting after the 2020 lockdowns.


Irena then shared a photo from the season finale when Locky finally professed his love for her.

“For those asking our anniversary is the finale which is July 18th,” she captioned it.

Back when they were on the show, Locky controversially told both Irena and runner-up Bella Varelis that he was in love.

The couple celebrate their anniversary in July, when they filmed the Bachelor finale.


In a recent Instagram Q&A, Irena admitted that she was a bundle of nerves before they filmed the season’s final episode.

“The night before finale I was a mess which was strange because the moment I met Locky on the red carpet I knew it was going to be us at the end. My problem is my head, it thinks too much and overanalyses everything so I stressed.”

The Bachelor winner also revealed some behind-the-scenes information about the day the finale was filmed.

“Also what you guys don’t see is that I got ready at 4am and this moment was at 5pm. So waiting all day stressed me out even more, so much so that when Locky said it was me I was in shock for a few hours.

“My heart knew, with each moment that we spent together I knew that he was my person and he was my soulmate.”

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Both Irena and Locky have made no secret that marriage and kids are on the cards for them.

The couple are currently travelling around Australia, and have admitted that they can’t wait to share the memories with their future kids.

“We have spoken about getting engaged, pretty much planned our next 5 years already and we would love to have some babies,” the nurse turned reality star said on Instagram.

“Ideally we would love 2 kids…hoping for twins. Locky is super easy to talk to about marriage and babies, he is just as excited about our future as I am.”

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