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EXCLUSIVE: “He put money on me to win”: I’m A Celeb winner Abbie Chatfield reveals the unexpected person who was betting on her behind the scenes

The I'm A Celebrity queen took out the title in last night's live finale.
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If there’s anyone in this world who has a decent understanding of being a runner-up, it’s Abbie Chatfield.

Her stint on The Bachelor and then Bachelor in Paradise is enough to prove she’s now a semi-pro at dealing with rejection on national television.

But my, how the tables have turned.

On Sunday night, after a whirlwind four weeks, the reality TV star was crowned winner of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia for 2021, and you can bet we were just as ecstatic as she was.

Abbie’s reaction to hearing her name being called as winner was enough alone to get us cheering.

There was shock, then pure glee as the 25-year-old realised the magnitude of what she’d done.

The confetti rained down as all of the celebs, who’d gathered together for the live grand finale, celebrated with their Queen of the jungle.

And then, the moment all of the contestants dream of – Abbie took her seat on the jungle throne.

The rest, as they say, was history.

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Of course, we’re now keen as beans to know exactly what the rest of that history consists of.

And lucky for us, Abbie spoke to TV WEEK the day after her big win to chat about everything that’s going on, and everything that’s to come.

“I thought it was banter,” she told us of the moment she found out she’d won.

“I really couldn’t believe it. Like a year ago I was the Bachelor villain, and now I’ve won the popular vote.”

Abbie was joined by her winning predecessors Richard Reid and Miguel Maestre, who won in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

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Abbie’s confidence and strength was a hit with her fellow campmates, and the Australian public.

Being faced with terrifying creepy crawlies, not to mention a horrifying encounter with snakes, the Bachelor starlet endured it all.

And behind the scenes, there was one person who truly backed her – close pal and fellow TV personality Danny Clayton.

Despite the pair sparking dating rumours last year, Abbie insists they’re just friends – though he does owe her dinner.

Keep scrolling as we chat to Abbie about her big win, her big support and her big hair!

Grant Denyer was pipped at the post by Abbie in the final two.

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TV WEEK: Abbie! Congratulations, what a mammoth effort. How are you feeling after last night?

Abbie: I’m really tired but really good! I really couldn’t believe it. Like a year ago I was the Bachelor villain, and now I’ve won the popular vote, and with a demographic that’s not my usual too!

Are you still tight with your I’m A Celeb cast mates?

Well it was great to see them all last night, and I hang out with Alli [Simpson] lots. She’s great. We all have a group chat too so we all talk on there.

What about Ash Williams? You guys got quite close at some points on the show?

Yea we still talk, and we’re good. We were never an item, but we liked having a snuggle!

What was the biggest challenge you encountered on the show?

Honestly, not being able to eat what you want is just bizarre.

I actually didn’t realise how much of my entertainment and joy comes from food.

Each day I’d be like, “oh another beige item and hot water.” Even looking back though it doesn’t seem as hard as it is.

You just feel awful all the time – I honestly thought we’d lost Grant at one point. He was so so tired and sick! But everyone was able to gather round each other and help.

Abbie and her campmates formed unbreakable bonds.

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Your iconic curly hair is all the more iconic now we’ve seen it in its most natural element! Can you tell us what it was like dealing with the humidity and frizz – all tips welcomed!

[Laughs], I didn’t shampoo my hair at all in the jungle, I just used conditioner and it reeked by the end! There was the campfire fumes and dirt. I did a little bit of oil and coconut too but when I got home I could not wait to use my gels and mousse.

We’re also super keen to learn more about your friendship with Danny Clayton! You guys sparked dating rumours last year but we understand you’re just friends?

Yea we’re just friends – Danny was there at the finale with me though, he was my person. He actually put money on me to win – he owes me dinner now!

Abbie and former Channel V presenter Danny Clayton are great pals.


We’ve gotta ask, are you single right now?

I’m very single, I’m very happy to be single!

We love to see it! So a stint on The Bachelorette is a definite no?

Noooo definitely not this year, I think this year there needs to be some diversity on the show.

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