I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

And the QUEEN of the jungle is... Abbie Chatfield! The Bachelor star WINS I'm A Celebrity Australia

The people of Australia have spoken.

By Jess Pullar
It was a season no one will forget in a hurry. A series filled with twists, turns, and, well... squirms.
But finally, after four weeks of action, the winner of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of here! Australia has finally been announced, and our Queen of the jungle is... Abbie Chatfield!
The winner was announced on Sunday evening as the cast gathered together again for an extraordinary live vote, weeks after filming wrapped in the Murwillumbah bush lands of New South Wales.
For the final seven celebrities', anticipation was higher than ever. Whittled down to the final two, Abbie and Grant Denyer, the sweet winners announcement finally came.
Abbie Chatfield's face was at first shocked, then ecstatic as she realised the reality of hosts Chris Brown and Julia Morris' words
Our winner has been revealed - and her shock is evident! (Network Ten)
Of course, Abbie didn't have an easy path to victory.
This season was more challenging than ever - and that goes right back to pre-production, where producers were faced with making the entire season on-shore, in our very own backyard.
Usually, the Australian show is filmed in South Africa, with celebs facing unprecedented outdoor elements.
You'd think hosting it in our own country might make it a little more relative... but trust us when we say it was anything but.
The journey has been anything but smooth for the I'm A Celeb campers. (Network Ten)
The first alarming feat came when campmate and Aussie comedian Mel Buttle was faced with her ultimate fear - snakes.
"I wanted to try and come here and see how well I would go," she tentatively told her campmates.
"I have been losing my mind all day... I feel like sh##t doing this but I have to go unfortunately."
And that folks, was just the beginning.
From that moment forward, things went from uncomfortable... to really uncomfortable.
The stars were faced with their deepest fears. (Network Ten)
We saw celebrities faced with their biggest fears - an assortment of jungle creatures imposing themselves on their personal space, creepy crawlies getting up in everyone's business, and don't even get us started on Toni Pearen's snake bites to the face ~shudders~.
Of course, there were personal dramas as well. From the love triangle consisting Abbie Chatfield, Ash Williams and an unsuspecting Alli Simpson, who entered the jungle as an intruder.
Then there were the deep and personal confessions - Jack Vidgen's admission about his turbulent relationship with his mother struck a chord. And Grant Denyer's open and honest dialogue of his colourful past was both raw and unexpected.
Ultimately, the celeb's came out stronger than ever. (Network Ten)
But through it all, the celebrities banded together, stronger than ever - and that was empowering to see.
It's a funny thing, human nature. In situations of fear, shock and unrest, you can't help but appreciate those close to you more than ever.
This group of Aussie celebs certainly felt it - and we're pretty sure they won't forget it.
In the weeks since filming wrapped, the stars of the show have kept in touch via a group jungle chat, often messaging each other throughout episodes as they aired.
Now, they'll no doubt celebrate their winner for days to come. We can't blame them - it's been a true journey.

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