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House Rules’ Mikaela and Eliza: “We were on First Dates!”

Thought you recognised the surfer sisters?!
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The nation has already fallen in love with surfer sibling duo Mikaela and Eliza on House Rules.

But TV WEEK can reveal this isn’t the girls’ first stab at reality TV – in 2018, they were on Seven’s First Dates!

“Mikaela got a phone call from a producer who asked her to be on the show,” Eliza, 21, explains to TV WEEK.

“One thing led to another and both of us ended up going on the show!”

Mikaela and Eliza are trying their hand at renovation on House Rules (Image: Channel Seven).

Because of the sisters’ hectic travel schedule – they’re both pro surfers – Eliza says they’ve struggled to make time for love in the past.

“We don’t really have time to go on dates,” she explains.

“It was just a fun excuse to get out of a wetsuit and dress up, and have dinner in the city. Obviously nothing came from it, but it was just a nice dinner and we made some friendships! It’s a bit cringe but at the time it was fun.”

Though “nothing came from” their turn on First Dates, the sisters still had fun (Image: Channel Seven).

Both Mikaela and Eliza are now happily loved-up.

Mikaela says she’s “nervous” for her boyfriend to watch her and her sister in “full stress” mode on the reno show.

“I’m going to look like the biggest tool, but my boyfriend is used to that!” she laughs.

House Rules airs Sunday, 7pm, and Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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