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EXCLUSIVE: G-Nat!on’s Rylee Vormelker on female empowerment and why being in a group isn’t always an advantage

''The whole experience has been so surreal.''
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They have skyrocketed The Voice competition to new heights by becoming the first girl group in Australian history to reach the show’s finals, but for G-Nat!on this is only the beginning.

The girls have been working together since they were students at Adelaide’s Australian College of Performing Arts, and through their love of dancing and singing, Isla Ward, 17, Taylah Silvestri, 18, Emma Caporaso, 18, Mateja Sardelis, 16, Alessia Musolino, 17 and Rylee Vormelker, 17, have been determined to make it.

Their pop and R&B infused sound first gained attention following some gigs at Adelaide’s Christmas pageant, and Carols by Candlelight.

G-Nat!on performing 7 Rings by Ariana Grande.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Little did they know that in 2021 they would go on to make history on The Voice, after their audition nabbed them a place on Rita Ora’s team.

Speaking with TV Week, one sixth of G-Nat!on, Rylee Vormelker can’t contain her excitement for what lies ahead for the group as they reach the end of the competition.

“The whole experience has been so surreal, and we are just so stoked that we are in the grand finale, I think we have worked pretty hard so it’s pretty crazy,” she says with genuine enthusiasm.

Of course, working with Rita Ora to guide them through the competition has been an invaluable experience, and Rylee believes the Your Song singer helped their sound grow in a way they never believed it could.

“Yeah, Rita is a really down to earth person and we had lots of fun in our mentoring sessions with her, she is such a cool vibe to be around, so much energy.

“I feel like she really brought out a side to us we didn’t know we had and made us come together and be more powerful as a group,” she shares.

“I feel like she really brought out a side to us we didn’t know we had.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Rylee also happily admits the girls couldn’t help but feel star struck around the British crooner.

“Every time we got into that mentoring session, we were like oh my god this is Rita Ora,” laughs Rylee.

Singing groups have a hard time breaking through the music industry in Australia, but the girls of G-Nat!on are confident their connection is special.

“When we first joined there was defiantly something special about all six of us coming together there was definitely a connection that we formed which became stronger over the years, and when we started performing together more that’s when it really became a thing,” says Rylee.

For those of us not in a six-member girl group, it’s curious how they can collaborate so seamlessly.

Rylee credits this strength to their ability to celebrate each other’s unique talents and individual strengths.

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“I think each individual in the group brings something unique that stands out and I guess we all have our own moments on stage whether we sing or we dance,” she explains.

“We connect with one another on stage, and I think it’s important as a group for everyone to get their moment but also bring us together, which creates a more powerful dynamic.”

The positivity radiating through Rylee’s answers isn’t just a fluke, these girls are all about uplifting other girls.

In fact, that notion is absolutely integral to the makeup of their group and its message.

“We felt that especially being in the group there was a massive stigma around girls supporting girls, and that there wasn’t enough of it,” says Rylee. “So, we wanted to get together as a group to show young girls around Australia and around the world that if we stand up and just support each other it will make for a stronger message.”

While there is no doubt the girls are very talented, they faced criticism after their audition with some questioning whether it was fair for a group to compete against individuals on the show.

On social media fans of the show had posted comments like, “I like @TheVoiceAU but am already feeling a bit annoyed that a GROUP auditioned. It’s not fair when it’s meant to be individual voices.”

Another asked, “How do you compare one voice with a group who can sing harmonies & create a different stage presence?”

Rita Ora and G-Nat!on during their mentoring session.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

“The voice or the voices? Needs to be a separate category for groups,” a third shared.

G-Nat!on are aware of the chatter surrounding their success on the show, but Rylee believes being in a group doesn’t mean they have an advantage.

“I guess the purpose of going on that show was really to spread our message across to Australia, and even though we received a lot of criticism, I think that on the other hand of that there are a lot of disadvantages that come with being a group,” explains the 17-year-old.

“We just wanted to put our best shot out there and prove to Australia that we are more than just a girl band.”

Regardless of the criticism they have faced, the girls have succeeded through the competition to compete for the chance to win $100,000 and a record deal.

“We just wanted to put our best shot out there and prove to Australia that we are more than just a girl band.”

(Credit: Channel Seven)

As for how they would use their winnings if they won The Voice? Well, Rylee reveals they would want to create more music together.

“Obviously, it would be a dream come true for us! But I feel like we would use the money to record and produce new original music, maybe do some music videos, lots of stuff like that.”

The Voice 2021 Grand Final will air at 7:00 pm on Sunday September 12 on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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