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EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Want A Wife’s “missing” sixth farmer Jack has been gagged by Channel Seven and is “unable” to reveal why he disappeared from the show

The mystery of the missing farmer!
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It’s the country’s most wholesome search for love, a far cry from the sordid scandals of Nine’s Married At First Sight, but Woman’s Day can exclusively reveal that Seven’s new instalment of Farmer Wants A Wife is about to be shrouded in controversy!

Last year, fans were ecstatic when six handsome farmers were unveiled ahead of the show’s planned April launch, but when TV scheduling was thrown out the window following the COVID-19 pandemic, Farmer Jack disappeared, too!

The show’s current line-up now only teases five farmers, with Jack Beaton, 27, strangely missing.

The sheep farmer was originally meant to be appearing on the show before he was swiftly pulled by production.

Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Day, the Victoria-based hopeful revealed he has been gagged by the show’s crew from speaking about his mysterious disappearance, but teased there was lots to say.

“I’m still unable to talk about it,” he nervously confessed last week.

Jack starred in a promo video for the Channel Seven show last year.

(Image: Channel Seven)

In the promo clip, Jack is seen playing with his dogs on his farm.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Jack says he is “unable” to reveal what really happened.

(Image: Channel Seven)

While Jack hinted that he is desperate to talk about the situation, a network spokesperson insisted Jack’s removal from the show was a regular outcome in the early stages of development.

“It’s common practice for production to have back-up cast members for many reasons,” says a Seven spokesperson.

“Farmer Wants A Wife has had back-up farmers since the first season. If Farmer Jack’s situation remains the same, he will most definitely be considered when casting future seasons.”

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The five farmers looking to find love on Farmer Wants A Wife this season.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Channel Seven had heavily promoted Jack’s role in the series, even uploading a promotional clip of the star to the show’s official Instagram account back in December.

“Dog lovers, may we introduce you to the man of your dreams? 🐶❤️ This is Farmer Jack. Apply now – link in bio 👨🏽‍🌾 #FarmerWantsAWife,” the video was captioned.

And there were plenty of ladies lining up for Jack, with several women taking to the comments section to express their approval.

“I like this one,” one woman commented, while another tagged her friend and wrote, “He loves his dogs 😍 it’s your soul mate!”

WATCH BELOW: See Jack’s Farmer Wants A Wife promo clip. Story continues after video.

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Some extra keen fans have questioned why the handsome farmer was left out of the final lineup when he was clearly a fan-favourite.

“Why is farmer jack not in any of the new promo stuff anywhere,” one fan commented.

Another person replied: “I heard one of them pulled out…seems like Jack was the one.”

One fan expressed her sadness over Jack’s departure, commenting: “He was the best one”.

Farmer Wants A Wife premieres on Sunday July 26 on Seven at 7pm.

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