Farmer Wants a Wife

Meet the handsome farmer who mysteriously disappeared from the Farmer Wants A Wife lineup - and now Channel Seven has revealed why!

''He was the best one!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
As Australian reality TV fans prepare for a brand new season of Farmer Wants A Wife to premiere on our screens, we've been introduced to the five handsome farmers who are looking for love on the show.
Alex, Sam, Neil, Harry and Nick will each meet eight women hoping to settle down in the country and find their happily ever after.
But eagle-eyed fans have realised that there was actually a sixth farmer who was initially cast on the show - and now he's nowhere to be seen.
Farmer Jack Beaton, who is from the small town of Harro in the Wimmera region of Western Victoria, was last year promoted as one of the lovely country blokes set to star on the reality program.
He was even introduced in a video clip on the official Farmer Wants A Wife Instagram account.
"G'day, I'm jack, I'm 27 from western Victoria and I'm looking for a wife," Jack says in the clip.
He went on to introduce himself and explain why he's found it difficult to form a lasting relationship so far.
"It is certainly very difficult to meet women in this part of the world," he said.
As he played with several dogs on his farm, Jack joked: "If she doesn't like dogs, we might have our first little hiccup I'd say, because of the amount we've got running around here."
He later added: "For me to find love it's really important, it's absolutely vital. I think I could make someone happy out here, absolutely."
Handsome farmer Jack was one of the first farmers announced by Channel Seven last year. Image: Instagram
Jack is seen playing with lots of dogs in the trailer. Image: Instagram
Channel Seven captioned the video, which was posted in December last year: "Dog lovers, may we introduce you to the man of your dreams? 🐶❤️ This is Farmer Jack. Apply now - link in bio 👨🏽‍🌾 #FarmerWantsAWife".
And there were plenty of ladies lining up for Jack, with several women taking to the comments section to express their approval.
"I like this one," one woman commented, while another tagged her friend and wrote, "He loves his dogs 😍 it's your soul mate!"
But as Seven has now officially revealed the five farmers who will actually star on the show - sans Jack - some fans have questioned why the handsome farmer was left out of the final lineup.
"Why is farmer jack not in any of the new promo stuff anywhere," one fan commented.
Another person replied: "I heard one of them pulled out...seems like Jack was the one."
One fan expressed her sadness over Jack's departure, commenting: "He was the best one".
The 2020 crop of farmers: (L-R) Alex, Neil, Sam, Nick and Harry. Image: Channel Seven
A Channel Seven spokeswoman today revealed to Now To Love that Jack was a "back-up" farmer that didn't make the final cut.
"It's common practice for productions to have back-up cast members for many reasons," the spokeswoman told Now To Love.
"Farmer Wants A Wife has had back-up farmers since the first season. If farmer Jack's situation remains the same, he will most definitely be considered when casting future seasons."
Farmer Wants A Wife will premiere on Sunday July 26 at 7pm on Seven.
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