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FWAW Lorelei thanks “the girls” and David after admitting she was shut out by the farmer

It was still an "incredible" experience.
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The rejection from Farmer Wants A Wife Australia’s David during the finale caused Lorelei to faint, but the young hopeful in love hasn’t seen or heard from the farmer since the incident.

It came for the moment for Farmer David to choose his soulmate and when he chose Emily rather than Lorelei, it broke her heart. After fainting, she was taken to the car only just to be driven away and that was the end of their story.

Lorelei fainted after being rejected.

(Image: Instagram)

“He broke the news that it wasn’t me and I fainted. At that moment, I don’t even remember collapsing. I don’t remember anything I said after that – and from that moment we were pulled apart. I have had no contact with David,” she told Mamamia.

“I really wish that he had reached out just to even check in to make sure that I was okay. I just thought he was kind of the guy to do that.”

It has been five months since the final episode was filmed, but for Lorelei it has been months of overwhelming anxiety and heartbreak.

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FWAW fans have reached out to Lorelei sending their love and well wishes. But there are still comments claiming she “faked” the incident.

Lorelei told Mamaia: “I thought maybe the producers, out of the goodness of their hearts, wouldn’t show it because I walked away with a broken heart. Like, guys, come on, give me something. But I understand it’s good TV – of course they’re gonna show it, just at my expense.”

Despite all this, the former contestant understands how “reaching out to the person that could have been the one” would be perceived by Emily. But she does wonder “how would that make [Emily] feel?”.

Lorelei has thanked the girls for her experience on FWAW.

(Image: Instagram)

But seeing the incident from both sides hasn’t helped Lorelei heal her broken heart after spending the last couple of days “full of tears.”

“I kind of just took a step back from everything, I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I was very heartbroken. I met my brother and spent time with him and his friends, [because] they didn’t know what had happened,” she revealed to the publication.

However, just a few weeks after this admission Lorelei has finally regained access to her social media account. The FWAW runner-up described the experience as “incredible” and “unforgettable”.

“A small highlight of our little bubble in Poziyassss,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Annndddd so many more mems to come! Thank you to the girls and David for making it an incredible and unforgettable experience”.

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