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Farmer Wants A Wife’s Henrietta spills more details about that shock finale with Farmer Alex in a candid video

''We didn’t realise people were going to turn it into some kind of love story.''
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Farmer Wants A Wife fans were rattled to discover last week that one of the show’s successful finale couples didn’t get the happy ending they were led to believe they did.

The biggest twist of the season undoubtedly came in Farmer Alex’s reveal that he’d pulled a Blake Garvey and dropped his final pick, Jess, for his runner up, Henrietta, bringing her to the finale instead.

Alex and Henrietta appeared to have rekindled their romance and fans believed they were together for a number of months following the show until they “split” in October last year.

In response to a fan comment on his Instagram asking if the couple were still together, Alex responded: “To put you at ease Henrietta and I not together anymore but we remain friends. Sorry for the late reply just had a bit on.”

In a tell-all interview last week Henrietta revealed she and Alex “were never together”.

“Alex and I were never together. He asked me to come to the final reunion to support him and I was about to go to England, then the show paid for my flight changes so I could attend. Even though I was so excited to leave to go and see my family in England, I stayed for it,” she told The Wash.

Fans were led to believe the couple reunited.

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In a candid video Henrietta has given further explanation to fans about what really happened.

“We went there to support each other, we didn’t realise people were going to turn it into some kind of love story or relationship and I was going to be edited saying he was my soulmate,” she explained.

Henrietta explained her version of the story in a candid video.


Henrietta then adds that Alex knew she was flying out to England two days later, in fact, she had been due to leave earlier when producers paid to have her flights changed so she could attend the finale.

“All I know is I was asked by Alex personally via the phone to attend the reunion, the producers paid for 2 flight changes accumulating in 700 dollars worth of fees as well as an overnight at the airport as I was literally about to board a flight,” she wrote alongside another post full of screenshots and documentation.

“I did feel that he asked me there and wanted me there as we were on great terms with perhaps a little ‘unfinished business’.

“Alex and I never intended to be together and less than two days after the show was filmed, I went to England (with Alex knowing full well it had been booked a month in advance).”

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