Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Henrietta just revealed she and Farmer Alex “were never together” following their shock finale reunion

We don’t know what to believe anymore.

By Maddison Hockey
It's been months since Farmer Wants A Wife's 2020 season wrapped up with one hell of a reunion finale.
The last episode of the season dropped a number of bombshells, from Sam's return with his new love to Stacey and Harry's unfortunate split.
The biggest twist, however, came in Farmer Alex's reveal that he'd pulled a Blake Garvey and dropped his final pick Jess for his runner up Henrietta, bringing her to the finale instead.
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Alex shocked fans by turning up to the reunion with Henrietta, not Jess. (Channel Seven)
In the subsequent days, weeks and months after the finale more drama dropped than we ever saw on the show – Liz slamming the production as "fake", Sam getting engaged to a different woman from the finale – but the newest revelation may be the most surprising.
In an interview with The Wash Henrietta has revealed her whirlwind rekindling of romance with Farmer Alex was not real.
"Alex and I were never together. He asked me to come to the final reunion to support him and I was about to go to England, then the show paid for my flight changes so I could attend. Even though I was so excited to leave to go and see my family in England, I stayed for it," Henrietta explained.
Uhm, what?
Kissing friends is normal...we guess. (Channel Seven)
Asking for the further clarification we so very much need, Henrietta confirmed she and Alex were never a couple.
"Alex and I met up after the show and went for a few dinners which was nice, but we were both very aware that we were never going to be together because we are very different, but we did have a connection.
"We're just really good friends. I think why Jess is so angry is the fact she saw messages in Alex's phone from us communicating. This was all after the show was finished anyway.
"After the reunion we didn't see each other for ages, we were never together. Alex and I are still friends."

Following the reveal at the FWAW reunion Alex shared a very couply snap with Henrietta, captioning the post: "I think everyone got quite a unexpected surprise at the reunion tonight! 🎉 @henriettalily_ Thank you for being there beside me on the couch tonight and challenging me through this entire experience you made every moment truly unforgettable 💗"
The couple then confirmed their split (we guess? we're just as confused as you) in October last year.
In response to a fan comment on his Instagram asking if the couple were still together, Alex responded: "To put you at ease Henrietta and I not together anymore but we remain friends. Sorry for the late reply just had a bit on."

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