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David and Emily have some big news to share in a loved-up Farmer Wants A Wife reunion

‘We’re talking marriage.'
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Things have moved fast for David and Emily. Just weeks after Farmer Wants A Wife finished filming late last year, Emily moved to David’s farm, and in January, she landed two jobs in the nearby town of Stanthorpe as a dance teacher and a teacher’s aide. Now she’s well on her way to becoming a local.

“I’ve lived here for 30 years and she’s already introducing me to new people!” David, 29, tells TV WEEK with a laugh.

Emily has already moved to the farm.

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Although it wasn’t too hard for most residents of the Queensland town to guess which lady David would choose on the show, Emily, 26, says some of her younger students couldn’t work it out.

“They came up and asked, ‘But what’s the ending?’ which was quite cute.”

As viewers will see in this week’s Farmer Wants A Wife reunion special, Emily didn’t move to the farm on her own – she brought her dog Bailey with her. She says David spent a lot of time training him for farm life.

“He was very patient with Bailey,” she explains. “Bailey’s living his best life. He gets to run around the farm every day and has two awesome dogs by his side now.”

“We’re enjoying this stage of our relationship.”

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Emily says her family, who seemed shocked when they found out how soon she was planning to move to the farm, have been “very supportive”.

“They’ve actually come to the farm and been able to meet David’s family and spend time out here,” she adds. “It’s all just worked out so, so well.”

The couple don’t have any news to share about wedding plans yet, but they’re clearly devoted to each other.

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“We’re enjoying this stage of our relationship,” David says, “and we’ll have to keep you posted on anything else.”

For Emily, who only applied for the show after an ad featuring David popped up in her Facebook feed, the whole experience still feels a bit unreal.

“When you reflect on it, it’s really unbelievable – the fact that I’ve met my person and fallen in love and it was from going on Farmer Wants A Wife,” she says.

All the farmers are loved-up now.

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As for David, he says Emily is “that person who just makes your life better in every way”.

“The home is feeling much more homely,” he explains. “There’s that period at night where it used to be just dead silence, and now we’re cooking and playing music.

“It’s everything I wished for when I went into the experience, and it’s incredible.”

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