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Calling all Farmer Wants A Wife fans! You’re going to want to tune in to Outback Farm

City-folk love is being put to the test.
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Can’t wait for Farmer Wants A Wife 2024? Luckily for you, there’s a similar show, Outback Farm, that’s just been released by Prospero Productions.

Famous couple Danyelle and Anthony Haigh, from the hit series Outback Truckers, move 3,000 kilometres to an isolated, dilapidated farm in the heart of Australia.

But can the romantic spark survive while these first-time farmers are isolated and alone in the middle of nowhere?

Anthony and Danyelle Haigh from the hit series Outback Truckers.

(Image: Prospero Productions)

Similar to FWAW, the couple’s limits will be tested as they navigate farm life for the first time together while trying to maintain their relationship in the outback.

With temperatures in the desert reaching above 40 degrees and the constant threat of bushfires, their love will be put to the test.

You’ve heard of a stormy romance, but what happens when they are living through violent storms that could ruin their crops, livestock, and even their relationship?

Meet the Haigh family from left to right: Danyelle, Anthony, Theo and Heath.

(Image: Prospero Productions)

Not to mention roping in their two young children who have never lived on a farm before. As an added bonus, fans will also get to watch the pairs cute kids Heath, 8, and Theo, 4 take on the farm life.

Watch their high-stakes gamble unfold, narrated by Neighbours star Jason Donovan, as they try to cultivate hay in the desert.

Watch Outback Farm on 7 Mate and 7 Plus.

(Image: Prospero Productions)

Will these water drillers move into the cattle industry reward their young family or end up being their worst nightmare that they can’t wake up from?

Outback Farm producer, Julia Redwood, told Screenwest: “This was an epic series to make in more ways than one! An unforgiving, remote landscape, extreme weather events and a family under enormous pressure.”

“All shot in the observational style where you never know what’s going to happen next! Hugely exciting and hugely rewarding.”

The Haigh family are no strangers to living on the road, but what happens to their romance while balancing kids when they can’t go anywhere but their farm?

Find out on Outback Farm, live on 7 Mate on the 29th of August 8:30 pm and on the 30th of August 1:00 pm, and catch up on the first episode on 7 Plus.

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