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Has the Farmer Wants A Wife 2023 winner leaked?

Who will spend forever on the farm?
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From country fairs to cattle chasing, the 2023 season of Farmer Wants A Wife has had it all!

As we near the end of the season, each of the remaining farmers is down to their final two ladies.

Now that each of the farmer’s families has chosen their pick for the final 24-hour date, we’re itching to find out just who Farmer David, Matt, Brenton, and Brad have chosen to spend forever with.

While most farmers have kept their cards close to their chest, some fans believe the winner may have already been revealed! Read through for more…

Farmer Andrew

Farmer Andrew knew Claire was the one for him.

(Image: Seven Network)

If you picked Claire as Farmer Andrew’s first choice, you’re in luck!

Andrew and Claire left the season in Episode 9, with Andrew deciding he didn’t need any more time to figure out who he wanted to spend forever with.

Farmer Brad

Fans think Clare will be the one!

(Image: Seven Network)

For Farmer Brad, the choice between two teachers, Clare and Morgan, will certainly prove to be a difficult one.

With sparks flying between Brad and Clare, Sportsbet has tipped her as the favourite to win, with her current odds sitting at $1.20, with Morgan trailing behind at $5.00.

While Sportsbet odds may sound strange at first – they’ve accurately predicted the winners of a number of shows over the years, including The Bachelor Australia, The Masked Singer and Love Island Australia.

Farmer Brenton

Sophie has long been a fan-favourite.

(Image: Seven Network)

Sophie has long been a favourite to win Farmer Brenton’s heart, with Brenton letting slip early in the season that he was set on Sophie for his first solo date of the series before they even met.

Sophie still remains a clear front-runner, with her betting odds currently sitting at $1.17, with Rachel following behind at $5.00.

Farmer Matt

Olivia’s bubbly personality is sure to win Farmer Matt’s heart.

(Image: Seven Network)

After many weeks on the farm, Olivia was the girl that won Farmer Matt’s heart, with the finale episode only highlighting how strong their connection is.

Farmer David

Emily was David’s pick of the bunch.

(Image: Seven Network)

David’s final two ladies, Lorelei and Emily, both remained consistently strong front-runners throughout this year’s season.

During the finale episode, David decided that Emily is the one for him, with his heartfelt confession leaving fans cheering for the new couple.

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