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Bondi vet Dr Chris Brown in talks to be the next Bachelor

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He’s the handsome vet who’s won over Australia with his charm, good looks and love for animals, and last week Dr Chris Brown confirmed that he’s still a single man, adding fuel to the growing fire that the 40-year-old could be the next Bachelor.

And now NW has learnt that producers at Channel Ten are moving along with plans to seal the deal with the The Living Room star.

After last week’s speculation, producers at Channel 10 are moving along with plans to make Dr Chris Brown the next Bachelor.

“Producers know that girls and guys love Chris, so it would be a great way to continue the amazing success they’ve been having with known celebs becoming suitors,” an insider reveals to NW.

“Plus, it would be the perfect partnership since he’s already been part of the family for over nine years with shows like Bondi Vet, The Living Room and I’m A Celebrity. They are doing all it takes to make this happen.”

Chris with his Network 10 The Living Room family: Miguel Maestre, Barry Du Bois and Amanda Keller.

And fans have already made it clear that they’re keen to see the star’s quest for true love air on screens next year.

“I would totally forego my dignity and apply for The Bachelor if Chris Brown was going to be the bachelor!” wrote one fan on Twitter. Us, too!

He’s certainly got the rig for the job and all the single ladies will go wild for this TV vet’s animal magnetism!

We’re swooning!

Chris recently split from Channel Nine producer Kendall Bora, after it was speculated the pair would get engaged. On last week’s Have You Been Paying Attention? Dr Chris revealed that he is now single, in a throwaway line during banter with contestant Ed Kavalee, in which he said he was “40, still single [and] with no children”.

The Bondi Vet has kept very mum about his relationship breakdown – it was a discretion he maintained throughout their relationship.

In an interview back in February, the 40-year-old said: “I guess I am fairly private and I have always been that way … I’ve never really spoken about relationships a whole lot; I’ve always kept that to myself.”

“Some people shout it from the rooftops and put it all over social media and that’s fine, each to their own, I’ve just never been someone to do that.”

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