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Dr Chris Brown teases a huge star we can expect to see head into the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here jungle in 2022

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In the lead up to the 2022 season premiere of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, clues have slowly but surely been dropping one by one.

So far, teasers for the show have revealed an AFL star, a comedian, a country singer, a beauty queen and a famous chef will be heading into the jungle.

But on Wednesday, co-host Dr Chris Brown dropped a tantalising hint of a “different kind” of celebrity who will take part.

Dr Chris Brown said a “different kind” of celebrity who will take part.


Speaking to Fitzy and Wippa on their radio show this morning, Chris remained tight-lipped when pressed on the cast, but he did leave us with this little clue.

“So, here’s what I can tell you. We have a celebrity type in the first week that we’ve never had before. Okay, and that no reality show has ever had before,” he revealed.

When asked if the person is known across the globe, Chris responded: “I can’t say. But they have been international at one point.

“They are like, nothing, they’re like no-one. Different category, different genre different everything.”

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During Ten’s upfronts last month, Chris’ co-host Julia Morris revealed the pair had “an absolute ball” filming doing the show in Australia last season due to COVID.

“We can’t wait to hack our way back into the so-called jungle in 2022. Everyone is going to love our latest bunch of camp mates! I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! is the perfect show for summer,” she said.

“Expect loads of laughs, a few tears, some mind-blowing surprises and the most insane challenges ever seen on Australian TV.”

We have been kept mainly in the dark about which celebrities will enter the jungle, but there have been a few hints in a teaser dropped by Channel Ten.

Chris’ co-host Julia Morris said she can’t wait to head back into the jungle for the eighth season.


The preview for the eighth season shows an Aussie Olympic legend has been confirmed as one of the contestants, and she’ll be diving her way into the so-called jungle.

“She’s a triple gold medalist,” Chris said in the teaser, while a voiceover added: “She’ll be up to her neck in it.”

A country singer is also heading into the jungle, and what we know of them so far is that they have a few Golden Guitars under their belt.

“I think we all know who this is going to be,” Chris teased as Julia said: “We do?”

A teaser for the 2022 season have revealed an AFL star will be heading into the jungle.


A celebrity chef will also be taking part in the upcoming season, but we will have wait to find out who!

“Chris and Julia will have this celebrity chef screaming shiitake mushrooms before they know it!” the network’s Instagram teased.

The clip also revealed that the chef is a woman and said: “Just wait until she sees our mystery box.”

In another first-look teaser, a series of cars went through a COVID testing clinic, with one of the license plates reading ‘AFL Star’.

No other clues on this “footy superstar” have been released just yet, so we’ll have to stay tuned for more.

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