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Deni Hines’ relationship with her mum Marcia Hines is defined by three generations of strong women

''I think some people just are good mothers.''
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One of Deni Hines’ most defining moments in her life happened before she was even born when her famous mum Marcia Hines unexpectedly arrived in Australia pregnant at just 16-years-old.

The former Australian Idol judge fell pregnant after her first sexual experience, and it wasn’t until six months into her pregnancy that she discovered she was having a baby.

But the life-changing news didn’t stop Marcia from chasing her dreams.

She revealed to the Australian Woman’s Weekly that she initially had a nanny to look after Deni until she went on tour and asked her mother, Esme, to take care of her in Jamaica.

Marcia had Deni at just 16-years-old.

(Image: Instagram)

“Then when we were getting ready to go on tour, and I didn’t think the tour was the right place for a child, nanny or otherwise, I took Deni back to Jamaica,” she told The Weekly.

In 1975 Deni and Esme came to Australia to live with Marcia, and the now 68-year-old reflects graciously on that time.

“I won’t say my mother was a saint, but I think some people just are good mothers, and I was really blessed to a great mother,” said Marcia. “Deni had two parents; her gran and me.”

When Deni was three, Marcia told her father about her, and she has publicly shared the two were in contact, but he wasn’t a part of her childhood.

While their story as a family isn’t conventional, it’s obviously filled with love and plenty of classic mother-daughter moments.

During a Q&A with Body and Soul, Marcia shared that she felt her role as a parent didn’t change when Deni became an adult.

“I was really blessed to a great mother.”

(Image: Instagram)

“There is very little difference because you always worry, no matter what age your “baby” is,” she candidly shared.

But from the sounds of things, Marcia was a protective mother bear during Deni’s teen years.

The What I Did For Love crooner told Body and Soul that after coming home to a guy “climbing out of Deni’s bedroom window,” she “dressed him down” before getting “some really good nails from my toolbox and hammered it s–t.”

Deni, 51, is about to join a slew of celebrities for Dancing With The Stars All Stars’ new season, but will her mum watch her tackle the tango and pull off a two-step?

It may depend on Marcia’s relationship with reality TV because when Deni was on The Masked Singer, she revealed to The Daily Telegraph that she didn’t watch her daughter on the show.

Deni posted this throwback picture of her with Marcia.

(Image: Instagram)

“I don’t watch reality television. Not my thing,” she said, but, in Marcia’s defence, she didn’t know Deni was singing because of the show’s strict contract.

The mother and daughter haven’t posted much about each other on Instagram since their 2018 trip to Thailand. But with a pandemic raining on our wanderlust parades, it may be a while until they can go on a family trip again.

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