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An unaired behind-the-scenes moment with Delta Goodrem on The Voice left one singer completely stunned

‘’I assume that Goodrem saw the disappointment in my eyes.’’
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One of the main reasons we love The Voice is suspense and subsequent joy that follows as we wait to see if one, or all, of the coaches will turn their big red chair for a singer.

But amongst those moments of excitement are many of disappointment, and many more of those never make it to air.

One hopeful performer has revealed what living that moment was really like, and the surprising words coach Delta Goodrem said to him behind-the-scenes that followed.

In an editorial piece for Mamamia Kiran Gupta revealed he found the show’s audition process last year “was not what I had expected”.

Delta’s words have stayed with Kiran since.


After a pre-audition with producers and countless interviews Kiran made it to the stage to sing, but unfortunately didn’t turn any chairs.

“I assume that Goodrem saw the disappointment in my eyes. It was pretty disheartening to give my all to a performance and come away with nothing,” Kiran wrote.

“As I was about to walk offstage, Goodrem decided to come backstage with me. When the cameras stopped rolling, she greeted my mum and my sister before having another chat with me.

“She encouraged me to continue singing and said she wished she had turned her chair. She made sure I was alright, before she returned to the stage.”

The young performer reveals the genuine moment away from the cameras and the spotlight was a saving grace for his confidence, as well as sharing his disappointment the beloved coach won’t be returning to the show in 2021.

We’re not surprised Delta was full of kindness and care.


Delta confirmed the news she won’t return just this month in a detailed Instagram post that also revealed she was moving on to an exciting new project.

“What a ride we had red chair !” she wrote.

“One of the most powerful gifts of my nine year journey on The Voice has been finding my own voice amongst all of it. The heart, the dreams people shared, the exceptional talent and the constant inspiration of being around music – so many magic moments that I am so proud of and I am truly grateful for it all.

“Wishing everyone all the best for a great season ahead. #TeamDelta lives on in my heart and now onto a very exciting new chapter.”

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