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EXCLUSIVE: Davina Rankin makes a shocking cheating confession

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Davina Rankin’s affair with Dean Wells on Married At First Sight behind husband Ryan Gallagher’s back may be causing shock all around Australia.

But in an exclusive video for NW Magazine, the 26-year-old Brisbane babe admits she’s no stranger to infidelity.

“Umm yeah, I’ve done a bit of cheating, I’ve been cheated on, whatever,” Davvy tells us when asked if she’s ever been cheated on before taking part in the experiment.

You can watch her explosive confession in the video above!

As we continued to quiz Dav, and the rest of this year’s brides and grooms, all kinds of cheeky questions, the candid confessions didn’t stop there.

When asked what’s the most romantic thing she’s ever done, Dav responded, “I matched with a guy on Tinder and it was his birthday, so then I managed to organise this other guy that I matched with on Tinder who flew a helicopter to fly me and my ‘brother’ around for free.”

“So I had to tell my one Tinder date for his birthday to pretend to be my brother so he could get a free flight in my other Tinder dates helicopter.

“Then my other Tinder date thought he was, like, scoring!”

Romantic? Yes.

A little deceiving? Hmm…

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