Married At First Sight

Dean Wells is 100% about to dump Davina Rankin on MAFS

This love triangle is getting VERY messy...

By Bella Brennan
Married At First Sight cheaters Davina Rankin and Dean Wells have made a secret pact to ditch their partners and pursue their connection.
But the teaser for the next commitment Married At First Sight ceremony on Sunday night drops some major hints that Davina is about to be stitched up big time.
In the clip, which promises to deliver "TV's biggest twist", Dean admits he's torn between his bride and new flame.
"There is that fire in the belly with Davina that I haven't had with Tracey," Dean parrots for the millionth time.
"But after the dinner party, Tracey and I had fun and it was intense," he adds.
If you have whiplash, it's to be expected seeing as though on Tuesday night's episode Dean charmingly proclaimed to Davina, "No offence to Tracey but her looks are not her best quality."
He really is quite the catch!
Will Dean ditch Davina at the next commitment ceremony?
Meanwhile, Davina seems to think she's about to run off into the sunset with Dean.
"No doubt me and Dean will be the bombshell of the night," the bikini model says.
But Dean is caught in the middle and can't make his mind up.
"We've got Tracey here, we've got Davina here - either way I'm going to be the bad guy," Dean says .
In the teaser, we're also shown Dean and Tracey in a messy bed presumably post-coital interactions.
The dramatic voice over then states: "One of them is about to get hit by a bus and it's not who you think."
Da, da, daaaa!
WATCH: Dean and Davina sneak away at the dinner party. Post continues...
If you can't wait til Sunday, then be warned SPOILERS AHEAD!
According to reports from Woman's Day, Dean does indeed dog Davina and go back to Tracey.
And in a bid to make it up to his wife, he even gives her another ring.
"Dean said he wanted to demonstrate his renewed commitment to Tracey and announced he was going out to buy a new wedding ring for his finger, to replace the one she'd given him that didn't fit," an on-set insider told the publication.
"But instead of spending any of his own money, he just went home and polished up the ring his ex-wife gave him when they were married," the source added.
Tracey and Dean are seen looking very intimate in bed in the new teaser.
If it feels like all of this is reading like a really bad soap opera, then you're not alone.
This year's season of MAFS has been called out by fans for being more scripted than ever before, with speculation mounting Dean, Tracey, Davina and Ryan are acting out the cheating scandal.
Whatever the case, there's no denying it makes for very juicy watching!
All will be revealed on Sunday night...