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You have to see these jaw-dropping Dancing With The Stars weight loss transformations

Um, we're signing up to a dance class immediately!
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Forget slogging it out on a deprivation diet or doing F45 every morning – it seems if you want to lose weight fast, doing a stint on Dancing With The Stars is the way to go.

Every single contestant on the show, whether they started out in peak fighting shape or had a few kilos they wanted to shift, has managed to transform their bodies.

That’s thanks to a gruelling dance training schedule, which sees the celebrity contestants rehearse for between five to eight hours a day with their professional dance partners.

Everyone knows dancers have incredible bodies – and now we know why. All those hours of cardio shed calories and condition the body, building long, lean limbs.

So just how different do your favourite stars look? Scroll down to see some cracking before and after pics.

Miguel Maestre, Cass Thorburn and Constance Hall have all transformed their bodies on the show. (Image: Channel 10)

Miguel Maestre

Despite being the first contestant eliminated on the first week of DWTS, celebrity chef and The Living Room host Miguel managed to lose a huge amount of weight in a short space of time.

“I was 117kg and now I’m 106kg, so [I lost] 11kg. It’s unbelievable. I just look like a different person!” Miguel told TV Week after his elimination.

As a big, heavy guy, Miguel said he initially found it hard to be dainty on his feet.

“The physicality was my biggest challenge. I was really unfit and to do this, full credit to my partner Meghan. She was very focused on fitness, making sure my legs and arms were strong,” he said.

But the intense training sessions taught him what his body was truly capable of.

“It was an amazing thing to do, training for eight weeks just for one minute of dancing on the night. What a commitment and what an insight into the life of a dancer.”

Swipe to see Miguel’s 11kg weight loss.

Michelle Bridges

She’s already one of the fittest women in the country, but celebrity trainer and former The Biggest Loser host Michelle Bridges said the intense dance cardio required on DWTS was very different to the kind of training she’s used to.

Michelle normally exercises in a gym and lifts very heavy weights, as well as doing lots of HIIT [high intensity interval training] and resistance work, so she was out of her comfort zone!

“I’m not training – I miss my weights and I’m probably going to lose muscle because of it. I’m eating about the same, but I’m more tired. Come the end of the day, I’m looking at my bed with lustful eyes!” she told TV WEEK.

And while she didn’t lose a huge amount of weight – only a kilo – her body composition changed.

“I definitely think [the show has] changed my shape and I probably have dropped a bit of muscle,” she said.

“It’s not anything that anyone wants to lose, because that’s your engine and it’s what keeps the calories burning. But my shape has changed and I feel good.”

She said her body was getting a kick out of operating differently that it’s used to.

“You think you wouldn’t get sore from this, but it’s very different muscles. You’re spent after a minute-and-a-half [routine]! I definitely feel like my posture has improved, and I’ve lost about a kilo,” she told NW.

Swipe to see what Michelle looked like at the beginning of the competition, compared to now.

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Cassandra Thorburn

Studio 10’s newest guest panellist Cassandra Thorburn made a splash during her first appearance on DWTS with her incredible natural figure, and viewers couldn’t help but comment on her “legs for days” on social media.

While Cass has always been tall and lean, she definitely slimmed down, which she credits to her intense dance rehearsal schedule.

“We were rehearsing seven days a week and we were dance training for five or six hours a day. It’s a lot. It was exhausting,” she told The Australian Women’s Weekly.

When asked if she had lost any weight from her new fitness regimen, she said: “Maybe I lost a little bit of weight, but it was mainly about toning. Your body shape changes when you get fit like a dancer. It really is good for the body. It was a positive side effect of all that training.”

Swipe to see Cass’s transformation from Karl Stefanovic’s stay-at-home wife to sizzling dance star.

Constance Hall

The hugely popular mummy blogger is famous for her refreshingly honest posts about body image, and when she started filming DWTS, she admitted that being surrounded by so many incredibly toned and fit professional dancers wasn’t the best thing for her self esteem.

“I can tell people to be happy with their bodies until the cows come home, but if I’m in a room with 11 tiny professional dancers, I start to wane on my beliefs because I want to look more like them,'” the 35-year-old mother of five told 10Daily.

“Then I realise I’m a hypocrite, so that’s why I need to be tested continuously.”

She said going on the show has reinforced her knowledge that she is beautiful, no matter what size.

“It’s been great to be put in the ‘real world’ with these beautiful, strong, young women so that I can remain strong in my belief that my body is awesome and that we are all really, really sexy in our own right,” she said.

While it’s unclear exactly how much weight Constance has lost, watching the show it’s clear to see that she has leaned out a little.

Constance recently posted a gorgeous photo of herself in full dance costume (scroll and swipe below to see the stunning pic) and in her caption, the author wrote that she hasn’t “felt this beautiful my whole life”.

“It’s a million miles away from what my every day life looks like and I am aware that I will go back to wearing my 3 year old faded lime green trackies damp around the belly from dish water while I sit on the couch and mediate a toddler argument and I honestly can’t wait. But right now I am here, I feel like a f—ing star and I just want to say thank you.”

We think you look stunning Constance!

Swipe to see Constance’s gorgeous transformation.

Olympia Vallance

The gorgeous Neighbours star says going on the show transformed her figure.

“My body has never looked so good and I’ve never been this fit,” the star told TV WEEK after her elimination.

“I train regularly, but this has just taken me to another level. We [she and dance partner Jarryd Byrne] train and rehearse five hours a day, so it’s a lot of crazy cardio and I’m sore every day, but it’s paying off. I feel incredible.”

We completely agree! Swipe to see Olympia’s body transformation

Samuel Johnson

The acclaimed actor decided to go on the show to raise funds and awareness for cancer, following the tragic death of his sister Connie in 2017.

But a happy side effect of Sam’s time on DWTS has been building up his fitness – and some serious muscle!

Swipe to see how much Samuel has changed, from cuddling … llamas (?!) to swashbuckling beau!

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