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DANCE! All the highs and lows from the Dancing with the Stars opening night

Courtney Act steals the show, Cass Thorburn’s brutal judgement day and Samuel Johnson’s SURPRISING performance!
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It was all glitter balls and cha-chas for the premiere episode of Dancing with the Stars!

And the maiden episode of the popular franchise did not disappoint.

With an all-star cast, including the likes of TV Week Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson, Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife Cass Thorburn and Ten funny lady, Denise Scott – we were bound to be entertained from start to finish.

So what were the highs and what were the lows?

We dissect the first episode of DWTS and let us tell you – there’s already a few clear contenders to win the coveted glitter ball trophy!

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DWTS opening night was sensational! (Source: Network 10/Twitter)

Samuel Johnson’s SURPRISING stand-out performance

Ever since being announced, it was clear that Samuel Johnson would be a huge fan favourite, but when he took to the DWTS floor last night, no-one anticipated what was to come.

The nicest guy in Australia could actually dance.

The 41-year-old loveable actor (who disappointingly did not wear a “tutes” (tutu) in his performance last night) was passionate, strong and feisty as he tangoed his way to 20 out of thirty points with partner Jorja.

The pair danced to “Believer” by Imagine Dragons and it was bloody sensational with Irish-cum-Aussie judge Tristan MacManus named it the “best dance of the night”.

“It was 100% commitment from start to finish!” he said. “I absolutely loved it!”

Cassandra Thorburn’s judgement day was, well, a little brutal

There’s no denying it. Cass Thorburn looks SENSATIONAL!

However, during her performance on Monday’s episode of DWTS, Karl Stefanovic’s ex-wife, left a lot to be desired – according to the judges!

Partnered with Marco De Angelis in a Viennese waltz, Cass looked phenomenal in a red ball gown as she took on the classic “Feelin’ Good”.

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“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life… and I’m feelin’ good.” And the irony of the song was not lost on us.

In fact, it was lost on no-one as everybody with a microphone kept reminding us.

Unfortunately for Cass, expat judge, Craig Revel Horwood, was simply having none of it.

“Well, it was all going well until the skirt was ripped off and you started to dance,” he said. “Then quite frankly, it was a failure.”

Scoring a measly 10 out of 30, Cass received the bottom score of the evening – but she was still all smiles!

Denise Scott is the Queen of DWTS and don’t you forget it!

One of the biggest highlights of the show was undoubtedly TV funny lady, Denise Scott.

The 63-year-old was certainly a crowd pleaser in her spellbinding performance but it was her incredible attitude to the entire thing that everyone cheering.

In a recent interview with Woman’s Day, the Studio Ten co-host said her colleagues were a little shocked.

“Given my complete lack of dance experience, fitness level of zero, and the fact I’m arthritic and in my 60s, they responded in much the same way my friends, family, GP and yoga teacher did – with a look of horror, followed by a plastered-on grin and a hesitant, ‘Good for you! Aren’t you brave,'”

But we know there will be a lot of love in that studio this morning because Denise was sensational.

Courtney Act jives her way to numero uno

Saving the absolute best to last, Courtney Act a.k.a Shane Gilberto Jenek, is certainly one to beat in this competition.

The legs-eleven blonde was full of energy, pizzazz and according to the judges (and anyone with eyes), had the BEST performance of the night, scoring her a whopping 23 out of 30!

There are no words. Just watch.

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Other highlights (and low-lights)

  • Sir Curtly Beale’s height difference with dance partner Shioban

  • Olympia Valance’s KNOCK-OUT dominatrix outfit

  • Michelle Bridges dance partner commenting that she has “a lot of stamina” in front of Commando Steve

  • All of Craig’s curt comments

  • Judge Tristan’s accent

  • Jet Kenny’s abs

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