Dancing With The Stars

Meet Jett Kenny, the super hot son of Lisa Curry, from Dancing With The Stars

He's 23, has a killer set of abs, and is dazzling Australia with his sexy moves on the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Jett Kenny, the 23-year-old son of former champion swimmer Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny and former Ironman surf lifesaver and Olympic bronze medallist, has fitness in his blood.
So it's no wonder the professional life-guard and Ninja Warrior Australia contestant has the killer body to show for it.
The young blonde hunk is quickly making a name for himself and currently shimming and shaking his abs off on Channel 10's new reboot season of Dancing With The Stars.
To help quench your thirst for this insanely attractive bloke, we take a look at everything you need to know about Jett.

He's insanely hot

Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here? (Image: Instagram)
Dammmmn. (Image: Instagram)
Those abs! (Image: Instagram)
It's no secret that Jett has an incredible body.
Working as a professional lifeguard sure does has its benefits. Plus, Jett is in the water everyday for extra exercise.
"My fitness is surf life-saving based, which involves training twice a day every day, then once on Saturday with a rest on Sunday," he told Now To Love last November.
"I've started swimming again after a few years off and my alarm goes off at 4:20am in the morning. I swim for an hour at 5am, then go to work, then afternoons on the water in the ocean," he said.
"4:20 alarms aren't the most exciting things at the moment. I slept in my tracksuit pants last night and had my jumper in my bed with me, rolled out of bed, put my uggies on, then got in the car.
But while the exercise regimen is intense, his diet is pretty easygoing and Jett eats pretty much whatever he wants - lucky him!
"My diet isn't the best… People that know me know I don't have the best diet going so I won't tell everyone what I actually eat because it might break a bit of the ideals that go with it," Jett said.

But he doesn't have a massive ego

The best man bun we've ever seen. (Image: Getty)
Jett knows that it's awesome to look good, but it means nothing if there's zilch going on between the ears.
"People say it's fine to just have a pretty face, but if there's nothing behind it then it's a bit dull and boring. People want smart and sexy. You need to have something else going for you," Jett told Who magazine.
"I always say that I don't think I'd be where I am today if my parents weren't who they are," he said.
"I started off as a lifeguard and that, obviously, has nothing to do with my last name, and sporting- wise, I've always had natural talent but it's
got to that stage where I have to work hard."
Love that attitude!

He's a professional model too, because OF COURSE

Strutting his stuff on the runway for David Jones. (Image: Getty)
Jett in boardies or a suit? We'll take either, thanks! (Image: Getty)
In 2018, Jett became an ambassador for department store David Jones as part of the Spring Racing Carnival.
He strutted his stuff on the fashion runway in a range of beautiful suits - while sporting a killer man bun - and sidled up to Victoria's Secret model and DJS face Victoria Lee.
"For me, getting dressed up and having a nice suit on is more appealing than being down at the beach in a pair of boardshorts," Jett said at the time.
Well, we'll take him in either!

He's an adorable uncle

We cannot take the cuteness! (Instagram)
Um, cannot deal. (Instagram)
Jett is a doting uncle to his sister Morgan Kenny's son Flynn, frequently posting the most adorable snaps of the pair on his Instagram. RIP our ovaries!
"It's been pretty cool!" Jett told Now To Love, about being an uncle.
"It's funny with babies, you see other people and you're like 'yeah, it's just a baby.' But when it's your sisters, it's a different kind of special!" he said.
"It's been really cool and the best part is, when he starts crying I just give him back," he joked.
So. Damn. Cute. (Instagram)

And he once stripped for charity

On model duty for David Jones. (Image: Getty)
Alongside seven other Aussie male celebs including Kris Smith and Sunrise weather guru Sam Mac, Jett dropped his dacks on Channel Seven's charity show The Real Life Full Monty last year, all with the purpose of encouraging Aussie men to do the same and get checked for prostate and testicular cancer.
Jett invited his whole family along to the show to see him strip gown to his undies - but he didn't expect to see his Mum and Dad in the front row.
"Mum didn't know I had to get nude until halfway through, and she was like, 'What do you mean? Like completely?' And I was like, 'Yeah.' And she said, 'You can't do that,'" Jett joked to NW at the time.
"I was like, 'It's a bit late now!' But she's supportive and understands it's for a good cause too. She was actually at the live performance, so she was front and centre when everything came off."
While we know it was all in the name of charity, we can't help but be grateful we got to witness that moment too.

The best news? He's single

Living for this long hair! (Instagram)
Yep, that's right. By some miracle, this man is still single.
When asked by Now To Love last July if there would be a "special someone" in his life cheering him on during Ninja Warrior, Jett said: "Nah, the only female that's cheering me on is my Mum!"
In fact, he actually doesn't get approached by women as often as you'd think.
"People seem to think I get a lot of attention from girls, but recently I've had people say to me, 'I don't talk to you because you get enough attention as it is,'" he told Who.
"I guess it's just a matter of finding the right person."
This is brilliant news. Ladies, here is Jett's Instagram account if you're game enough to slide into his DMs. Good luck!