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EXCLUSIVE: Dancefloor divas! Why the Dancing With The Stars cast are at war

The stars aren’t just battling it out on the floor – behind the scenes their egos are going toe to toe.
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While the celebrities have only just slipped on their dancing shoes, it appears the fight to be the top dog on Dancing With The Stars began well before the cameras started rolling.

A source tells Woman’s Day “all hell broke loose” during the promo shoot, with the celebs throwing their weight around as soon as they got on set.

“It was an absolute nightmare. Angie Kent, Claudia Karvan, Dean Wells and Dami Im were placed in the front row and the rest of the cast, who were in the back row, were bitching that they had placed the A-listers in front,” says the source.

The Dancing With The Stars 2020 cast.

(Image: Network Ten)

“Celia Pacquola and Chloe Lattanzi were not happy about their less-than-prominent position and weren’t exactly enthusiastic about cooperating.”

But our insider says former rugby league star and TV host Beau Ryan was the biggest diva of them all.

“Beau was huffing and puffing so much that producers were forced to let him swap spots with Dean, who got shunted to the far right position.”

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Reality queen Angie Kent (left) scored a coveted front row spot but Dean Wells was bumped off by Beau Ryan (right) who complained about his spot to production.

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Chloe’s on-set demands

She’s arguably the biggest name to star in this season, so one could almost forgive Olivia Newton-John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi for some diva behaviour. But even the cast have been left gobsmacked by her demands on set.

“She has her own hair and makeup artists, and refuses to let any of the set artists touch her,” says the source. “While the rest of the cast take around 10-15 minutes to get fully ready, Chloe takes hours.

When she’s not getting her makeup done for hours, Chloe is talking to her pet dogs.

(Image: instagram)

“She also gets final approval of all photos taken of her, so after every photo she runs behind the camera to see how she looks and indicates whether she’d like it re-shot.

“It’s incredibly annoying to production and the rest of the cast, who are left waiting in position until she decides if the images are good enough.”

And it’s not just her diva demands that has 34-year-old Chloe garnering attention. When she’s not on set or checking photos of herself, a source says she is FaceTiming her dogs, Peanut and Jelly.

“She FaceTimes them several times a day,” says the source. “And when she’s not on the phone to them, she’s talking about them non-stop.”

Meet the real stars

According to our source, award-winning actors Celia, 37, and Claudia, 47, are choosing to distance themselves from the others – leading the rest of the cast, who are made up of reality TV contestants, singers and sports stars – to believe they think they’re better than them!

“Claudia doesn’t talk much to anyone. After she shoots, she walks away and talks with her team,” the source reveals.

Claudia (left) and Celia (right) are both AACTA Award winners.

(Image: Getty)

Surprisingly, singer Dami, 31, who made a name for herself on The X Factor in 2013 for being overly happy, also often sits in the corner by herself where she prefers to chat with her fans on social media rather than the cast of the show.

“She has barely spoken to the any of her castmates,” reveals our spy. “She tends to sit by herself and just scroll through Instagram.”

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