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Big Brother winner Chad Hurst shocks fans with a dramatic transformation – but something is amiss in this photo

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Big Brother Australia 2020 winner Chad Hurst gave his fans mini-heart attacks when he debuted a wild transformation on Wednesday.

The reality TV star and model revealed a very different look on Instagram, sharing a photo of himself sporting a thick beard and long hair.

Toasting to the camera with a glass of red wine, the 28-year-old wrote: “Day 100 [in] lockdown…”

Chad Hurst shocked fans with his ‘transformation’ photo.

(Credit: Instagram)

When he appeared on Big Brother, Chad sported a short hairdo and stubble on his face, playing up his natural good looks.

He took home $230,000 in prize money when he won last year, but this photo would have his followers believing he hadn’t spent any of that cash on haircuts.

That is, until fans looked a little closer and noticed some irregularities in his bearded snap.

His long locks appeared to blend into his wine glass and sit strangely across his collar, while his beard looked a little bit see-through around the edges.

Oh, and he left half of the ‘FaceApp’ logo in the bottom of the snap.

The personal trainer appears to have been playing a bit of a prank on his 192k Instagram followers, editing his hair and beard on a mobile app.

That’s right – this transformation is completely digital.

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If fans needed more proof Chad isn’t sporting long hair and a beard now, all they have to do is look at his Instagram feed.

All the photos he’s posted recently show him with his signature short hair and stubble, and we doubt his beard and locks tripled in length overnight.

That said, we kind of like the rugged lumberjack look on Chad.

In fact, we wouldn’t complain if he did decide to grow out his hair and beard, the guy can pull off just about any look.

This is what Chad usually looks like – and he still does.

(Credit: Instagram)

This isn’t the first time the Big Brother winner has surprised fans with an unrecognisable photo of himself.

Last year he posted a goofy childhood throwback and looking at it you’d never guess that little boy would grow up to be an international model.

Chad won last year’s season of Big Brother after signing up for the show to honour his late father, who was a huge fan of the series.

“Its fate, it’s my old boy that matters and me Ma’s right here,” he said after discovering he’d won.

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