Big Brother

We're ALL watching him: Big Brother's Chad Hurst is crowned WINNER in live televised spectacle

The moment we've all been waiting for.

By Jess Pullar
Big Brother has been the unprecedented escapism vice for many amidst the COVID-19 pandemic - and now, its pinnacle moment, the grand finale and winner reveal, has finally arrived.
We watched as the old school reality TV show made its big comeback in May with intrigue.
How could a reboot really capture the pure, undisputed, binge-worthy glory that the former seasons of Big Brother brought us all back in the early 2000s?
As it turns out, 2020's unexpected underdog really could.
Of course, the new season hasn't come without a couple of tweaks.
Gone were the traditional live format eliminations and that tantalising walk from the house to the studio, where evictees were interviewed in front of a live audience.
The stakes were also taken up a notch with near nightly eliminations, and coy tactics that left essentially everyone on the edge of their seat, as they waited to see what kind of alliances and cut-a-knife-through-it tension would eventuate.
It's been one helluva season, folks. (Channel Seven)
And let it be known - it well and truly did.
Everything came to a head on Wednesday, July 22 when the final three housemates, Daniel Gorringe, 27, Sophie Budack, 25 and Chad Hurst, 27, reunited for the live-to-air grand finale.
With $250,000 up for grabs, you can bet these three were on the edge of their seats as Australia was finally given the power to choose who would be crowned the ultimate Queen or King of the house.
And now, after weeks of waiting, the winner was revealed - and it's none other than Chad Hurst.
Chad and Sophie have played crowd favourites after hooking up IRL on the show. (Channel Seven)
As his name was called, you could pretty much see the joy radiating from him as the smart gamesman took the crown.
Chad, who had gone on the show in the first place because his late father was a big fan, was accompanied by his mum.
"Its fate, it's my old boy that matters and me Ma's right here," he told host Sonia Kruger mid-celebration.
"We're going on a trip and giving it to Ma," he gushed.
Chad was a ball of excitement as he was crowned the winner.
Meanwhile, runners up Sophie and Dan seemed to take the loss on the chin - both looked thrilled for Chad as he celebrated with his mum and the other housemate's who'd gathered for the grand finale.
WATCH: Chad comforts Sophie on the Big Brother 2020 reboot. Story continues after video.
And thus, Big Brother 2020 has come to a close - and as for whether host Sonia Kruger will grace us for another season next year remains to be seen.
For now, we'll simply bask in the glorious winner's excitement and hope the grandeur and reaction to this spellbinding reboot makes a strong enough case for a renewal.
Bring on 2021, we say.

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