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Home & Away stars, radio personalities and accomplished actors: Everyone wants in on Celebrity Big Brother Australia

Twenty years in the making - a renamed reboot of the iconic show is returning to our screens.
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This is Big Brother… but not as you know it!

Celebrity Big Brother is on its way back, but a TV insider tells Woman’s Day that the reality show has had a glamorous makeover – and everyone wants to be a part of it.

“Celebrity agents are falling over themselves to cast their talent,” a Big Brother source tells Woman’s Day.

“This revamped celebrity format will be on our screens before the end of the year.”

With the Seven Network announcing last week that they will be going into production very soon, casting bosses have started putting out feelers for top talent.

“It is a competition based reality show and more about the challenges, so don’t expect to see noisy personality types who bring drama for the sake of drama,” says the industry insider, revealing the likes of Lincoln Younes, Matt Shirvington, Josh Thomas, James Tobin, Charlie Robinson and Ash Pollard are all on the producers’ wish list.

“The Seven Network is keen on getting real celebrities with real credibility,” adds the source.

“Their cast of Dancing with the Stars is a pretty clear indication the Network knows how to find big names, which will hopefully draw a lot of attention to the VIP series.”

Producers believe the show will be a big hit!

(Channel Seven)

And sources say producers are keen to capitalise on the upcoming civilian series of Big Brother, which is set to hit screens in the next two months, as they’re predicting it will be a huge hit.

“This season is so packed full of drama, excitement and interesting housemates, it has executives at Seven Network so confident in ratings success, they have already commissioned the Celebrity series before the 2021 civilian series has even started,” says the source.

“Rumour has it, this imminent series is the most exciting series of Big Brother Australia has ever seen.”

These famous faces could be entering the diary room!


In fact, Seven are so confident, they are already planning on Big Brother becoming the flagship show for the network, and hope to roll out two series a year for at least the next couple of years – one celebrity version and one civilian.

“Big Brother is back in a big way,” says the insider, adding that Sonia Kruger will be on board as host for both versions. “Australia won’t be seeing this show evicted anytime soon.”

Will Hollywood stars enter the diary room?

Some have speculated that CBB bosses are also hoping to get some even bigger names in the bag – like Zac Efron and his brother Dylan.

There’s also a lot of A-listers in the country such as Natalie Portman and Isla Fisher, who may want to sign up for a lighter-hearted project than usual!

Zac is just one of the rumoured celebs to be making an appearance in the CBB house

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