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Dannii is forced to defend her relationship with fiancé Denton on Bride & Prejudice

“I felt attacked!”
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For newly engaged couple Dannii and Denton, it should be the happiest time of their lives. But Dannii’s mother Donna and sister Dee are anything but supportive of the pair tying the knot.

They think he’s a spoilt rich kid who isn’t capable of looking after Dannii.

“He needs to pull his head in and grow up,” Donna says. “I think Dannii needs to be with a real man because Denton needs to get some balls.”

And as if facing her family’s doubts isn’t enough, this week on Bride & Prejudice, Dannii is forced to defend her love for Denton at the first dinner party.

Dannii tells TV WEEK she felt “attacked”.

Dannii and Denton.

“It was pretty full-on,” she says. “I was like, hang on a second – you guys are in the same situation here. I felt pretty crap. That’s the worst I’ve felt since my dad passed away.”

Dannii, 24, says that hearing the group’s opinions of her relationship made her want to pack her bags and leave the retreat. It also triggered painful memories of being bullied.

“I wanted to go home that night,” she reveals. “I didn’t want to be there anymore. But I said to Denton I’d stick it out a few more days and if it didn’t get any better, we’d go home.

“I was bullied when I was at school, so when someone attacks me, I do get quite defensive, and I explode. I got enough crap at school – I didn’t need it from other people. It was confronting.”

Dannii says it was “full on” to face the group.

Bride & Prejudice airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7.30pm, on Channel Seven.

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