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“I was sick of being manipulated”: Big Brother’s Tilly has hit out at angry fans in an emotional post

''I shouldn’t have to bloody write this...''
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The revived series of Big Brother is far removed from its original format.

Taking on a Survivor-esque style, strategy and game play are essential to staying in the game.

Yet, some fans appear to be taking the strategic moves of housemates to heart, specifically that of Tilly who voted to evict Sarah Jane in recent episodes of the show.

In an emotional post to fans the 21-year-old reminded viewers that Big Brother is just a show, and at its essence, a game.

“I shouldn’t have to bloody write this but here we are boys 🦋Majority of you know nothing about the game little kittens🌈 I clearly said I was saving Jessie so the attention was off me.

“As long as the “war” between Jessie and Danny continued people weren’t seeing me as a threat regardless of the fact I was winning challenges because Jess and Danny were two clear targets. 🌍,” Tilly began.

Tilly has been a great player and a challenge beast.

(Channel Seven)

“Thank you for your opinions but remember I was 20 years old and just doing the best I could in a high pressure environment whilst maintaining my morals and making sure I made my parents proud.

“I played my own game and never had sides. I had my people and no that doesn’t make me a “floater” it makes me socially strategic. I didn’t have advantages and I was sick of being manipulated by other players.”

The 21-year-old wants to break down stereotypes.

(Channel Seven)

The housemate then went on to add that she came in to the show hoping to crush stereotypes about her appearance and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

“For me winning is to prove a point here for young people in regards to how deceiving looks are and how a person talks and acts is and the changing the stigmas around ADHD and Ofcourse the fact that girls are so strong and we don’t need any man’s help especially in this game.”

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