Big Brother

EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Jess reveals she had numerous clashes with Christina that never made it to air

There was more to this feud than what made it on screen.

By Maddison Hockey
Big Brother's Jess Trend had been all but untouchable thanks to her tightknit alliance in the house.
That was, until, Christina managed to turn the tables in an epic blindside eviction that saw the AFL player ousted from the show.
The writing was on the wall for the powerhouse contestant, partly because fellow nominee, Ari, who may have copped the brunt of the votes, mysteriously disappeared before nominations thanks to a surprise twist.
Speaking exclusively to Now To Love Jess says Ari's disappearing act made her eviction all the more difficult to stomach before revealing a number of unaired clashes with rival Christina.
Jess' fate was sealed when Ari disappeared. (Channel Seven)
"I honestly entered that eviction thinking I was safe," Jess tells Now To Love, "I think that's the part that made me extremely emotional and hold a little of anger.
"All of a sudden Ari just disappeared; I think that's hard, because how many chances can one person have?
"After the balloon popping situation, that was really unfortunate. There's only so much one person can do to save themselves."
The hidden couch escape route strikes again. (Channel Seven)
On screen it appeared Christina's motives for blindsiding Jess came down to her leading a strong alliance, however fellow housemate Ari recently revealed the women were constantly at odds – their tiffs just never made it to air.
"I'm not going to life, it definitely is true," Jess confirms before adding, "Christina had moments where she would just make up little lies about myself.
Jess, Marley and Mary confronted Christina a number of times. (Channel Seven)
"I think it was about three times, myself, Mary and Marly went to the cave and confronted her about it.
"To her credit, she would always apologise and say why she made it up."
The 28-year-old says she's not sure what Christina's motives were but she did believe them to be "tactical".
"I think Christina just purely didn't like me and it just was natural for her to do that."