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Big Brother’s Hannah Campbell reveals her hidden ordeal that never went to air

Things went from bad, to worse.
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When Hannah Campbell entered the Big Brother house in the brand new season, she was already at a disadvantage.

She entered the mansion as a surprise new addition following the first group of OG housemates.

But Hannah and her fellow “intruders” were automatically outcast.

Hannah, 26, in-particular faced the worst “bullying” by her peers – and now she’s revealed that the attitudes towards her never really improved during her time on the show.

“I struggled from day one completely,” Hannah told New Idea after being evicted.

“I was pretty much thrown to the ground from day one and I wasn’t really given a chance.

“No one wanted the new girl in their group, because she was labelled a ‘try hard’ from day one.”

Hannah was thrown into the deep end from day dot.

(Channel Seven)

Sadly, Hannah being outcast by the already established alliances and groups didn’t change much during her time on the show, despite making it to the top 10.

“It wasn’t until my last couple of days where I felt like I was really at home.

“Every day was a mission because only a couple of people gave me a chance in that house.”

Hannah reveals she entered the house after a devastating split from her ex-boyfriend Kyle Cranley, making her isolation from fellow housemates all the more painful.

“I went to the Big Brother house to try and mend a broken heart. Then, I went in there and my heart broke a little bit more because no one was really talking to me.”

“Every day was a mission because only a couple of people gave me a chance in that house” – Hannah told *New Idea.

(Channel Seven)

As soon as Hannah landed in the house, having been dropped in via a crane, the stunning and sporty newcomer was seen as a threat.

Queen bee Talia Rycroft took a particular disliking to Hannah, which led fans to turn on her and label her a bully.

While Talia has openly slammed the show and claims she was edited poorly, Hannah isn’t so sure.

“I didn’t understand how someone could hate me so much when they didn’t know me,” Hannah said.

“I tried so hard to get to know her and everyone, I went above and beyond.”

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The 26-year-old didn’t let the way she was treated stop her from making the most of her time on the show, eventually forming friendships with her fellow housemates.

“As much as I was pretty much bullied, I haven’t taken it to heart, it was a game,” she said.

“I’m on good terms with everyone, I pretty much fell in love with 20 amazing people.”

This story originally appeared on our sister site, New Idea.

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