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They’re over! Big Brother’s Sam and Drew have officially called it quits: Here’s everything we know

She's moved on with an "honest" man.
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History repeated itself for Anthony Drew on this year’s season of Big Brother when he found love with a fellow housemate.

In 2013, he fell head over heels for Tully Smyth, creating one of the biggest dramas in Australian reality TV history.

In short, the pair began a relationship while Tully was still in another relationship, with her girlfriend Tahlia Farrant watching on from outside.

And while they both returned to the house for the 2022 season, Tully is now a taken woman. Meanwhile, Drew’s head was turned by newly eliminated housemate and intimacy coach Sam Manovski.

Drew caught Sam’s eye immediately.

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Quick recap: How did Sam and Drew come to be?

Drew entered the competition a few days in after some drama had already swirled around Sam. She entered the house on night one to find her former flame, Josh Goudswaard, was also a competitor on this season.

Josh quickly revealed he wasn’t over Sam, admitting that she was his ‘dream girl’, and he hoped to start things back up again. Sam had the unhappy task of letting him down easy shortly before he was evicted, only for Drew and fellow former housemates Layla Subritzky and Trevor Butler to enter via Big Brother’s sewer.

Will they last outside the Big Brother house?

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Drew caught Sam’s eye immediately, and she confided in Big Brother that she found him ‘distracting’. When Drew was saved from eviction, he made his feelings known, kissing Sam for the first time.

We’d say they were a couple by Big Brother standards – they spent plenty of time together in the house, and were pretty affectionate with each other, but does that mean they made it on the outside?

There were signs that Sam and Drew are still together on the outside.

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Are Sam and Drew still together?

No, they most definitely are not.

Speaking to TV WEEK following her exit, Sam revealed that her and Drew’s relationship only lasted for “about a month” on the outside.

“We decided that we’re just too different and parted ways,” Sam said. “I think that it was great for the experience and what we shared in the house was amazing. Unfortunately we have very different lifestyles and we’re just so different. We are not meant to be together.”

At the end of it all, the Big Brother alum is “glad” she got to see Drew scheming behind her back.

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“It was closure,” she said. “I didn’t really need closure ’cause I kind of figured that out after the show, but it was just that added sort of affirmation that, ‘yeah, this is not your guy, Sam, this is definitely not your guy’.”

In happy news, Sam has already moved on from her on-screen romance, saying that looking back on her time with Drew “helps (her) appreciate the guy (she is) dating”.

“It’s helping me appreciate him even more ’cause he’s so honest and real.”

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