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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Sam says Drew “lied through his teeth” as she reveals she’s moved on with an “honest” man

''Drew played me.''
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The old adage that “history repeats itself” proved true during this season of Big Brother: Royalty Vs New Contenders when returning housemate Anthony Drew (AKA Drew) sparked up an on-screen romance reminiscent of his fling with Tully Smyth back in 2013.

Though this time, the relationship was with intimacy coach Sam Manovski.

Sadly, Sam’s bond with Drew was ultimately her downfall, as intruder Jules justified her decision to place the lovebirds up for eviction as a strategy to break up the power couple.

Sam confesses it has been “confronting” to watch Big Brother back.

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In the end, the duo was forced to say their goodbyes after Sam was sent packing from the Big Brother house.

The intimacy coach confesses to TV WEEK that it’s been “confronting to watch (the show) back”.

“Just seeing all the different conversations that were taking place behind my back that I had no idea about,” she muses. “That’s been quite an adventure”.

The conversations Sam is referring to involve Drew scheming with fellow housemate Joel Notley to eliminate each others’ girlfriends, as well as the model conspiring to work with Tim Dormer behind Sam’s back.

Sam and Drew didn’t last in the real world.

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“Drew played me,” the reality star says. “You know, the deal that he made with Joel and then the conversation he had with Tim in the bathroom and cutting deals there. That’s been quite a wake up call. Definitely a massive lesson.”

Upon learning about Drew’s schemes, Sam reveals she confronted her on-screen beau about the revelations.

“I have had conversations with Drew about those things and he has admitted to the deal with Joel being about me,” she says.

“He just falls back on ‘I’m playing a game and I did whatever I could’, but it’s just interesting that while we were in the experience and after the experience, he didn’t admit that to me. And I guess that just shows his character.

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“For me, I date men who are honest and open and transparent and that’s who I surround myself with. So it was a nice little reminder that there are still guys out there that can just lie through their teeth like that.”

With that being said, it comes as no surprise that Sam and Drew didn’t last in the real world.

“(Our relationship) continued for about a month outside the house, and then we decided that we’re just too different and parted ways,” Sam tells us. “I think that it was great for the experience and what we shared in the house was amazing.

“Unfortunately we have very different lifestyles and we’re just so different. We are not meant to be together.”

Sam and Tim have struck up an unlikely friendship outside of the house.

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At the end of it all, the Big Brother alum is “glad” she got to see Drew scheming behind her back.

“It was closure. I didn’t really need closure ’cause I kind of figured that out after the show, but it was just that added sort of affirmation that, ‘yeah, this is not your guy, Sam, this is definitely not your guy’.”

In happy news, Sam has already moved on from her on-screen romance, saying that looking back on her time with Drew “helps (her) appreciate the guy (she is) dating”.

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“It’s helping me appreciate him even more ’cause he’s so honest and real.”

Now that her Big Brother journey has come to an end, Sam shares the shocking revelation that the contestant she is now closest with is someone she butt heads with while in the house – Tim.

“You’re not going to believe this but Tim and I are really good friends,” the star laughs to TV WEEK. “I really have a lot of time with Tim. We got to see a side of him where his brilliant mind was in the action of gameplay.

“Everyone can see how good he is at reading people. When I’ve had really down moments, he’s just been there for me and been really supportive.”

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