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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Mel reveals she tried to expose a conniving housemate, but the scenes never made it to air

''They all thought I was the crazy one.''
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Big Brother‘s nominations room claimed its latest victim in outback mum, Mel McGorman.

As her alliance with Dan and Nick has been slowly picked off by rivals in the house – Katie, Jess and Marley – the writing was on the wall for the 33-year-old.

On the other side of her eviction however, it’s not the aforementioned rivals she thinks everyone should watch out for, it’s actually the devious young housemate Ari, who is fooling the Big Brother house.

Speaking exclusively to Now To Love Mel reveals she questioned Ari’s deception multiple times, however the moments didn’t make it to air.

Mel was suss on one of her housemates.

(Channel Seven)

“I pulled up Ari a few times because I believe him to be a mastermind,” Mel tells Now To Love, “I really stopped to unravel his game play a bit.”

In a previous episode of Big Brother, self-proclaimed “master manipulator”, Ari, confessed to lying about everything from his birth place to his hobbies to fellow housemates.

Unfortunately for Mel, who could see cracks in Ari’s façade, none of her fellow housemates believed her.

“I had run around telling everyone, ‘I think he is lying, I think he’s deceiving us all’, but they all thought I was the crazy one.

“I believe he is one of the best Big Brother players I’ve seen.”

Mel got emotional at her last eviction ceremony.

(Channel Seven)

During her final moments on the show Mel broke down, lamenting over the night’s previous eviction whereby she voted Nick out in what felt like the ultimate betrayal.

While Mel’s single cote made no difference in the final count – Nick receiving an almost clean sweep eviction – she confesses it’s still her one and only regret from the show.

“I was heartbroken,” she recalls, “I knew I’d have to, you know, backstab people in this game but I didn’t think I’d have to so early.

“And once I had to, I realised it really wasn’t for me, I wasn’t as tough as I thought I was.”

Luckily Nick didn’t hold a grudge, in fact, Mel is regularly in contact with the larrikin housemate and co-conspirator Dan, with a group chat about the show.

“We are chatting through the every episode and Nick was like, ‘Well, thanks everyone for coming to watch my funeral’.”

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