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The three-day curse strikes again! The Bachelorette’s Adrian confirms he dated Becky Miles for a very brief stint after her break up

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The Bachelorette finale was one of those whirlwind shell-shockers – so we weren’t really expecting the drama to escalate any more…

But that, it certainly has.

Jilted Bachelorette Becky Miles was barely over her very, um, quick relationship with her winner Pete Mann when someone else appeared to knock her for six shortly after.

Prepare yourselves for this one, folks.

Thursday evening’s Bachelorette finale left a fanbase reeling after Becky chose winner Pete Mann over runner up Adrian Baena.

And that’s not least because mere hours after her finale result aired, Becky revealed she and Pete had already split – over FaceTime no less.

Then, rumours started swirling suggesting Becky had then circled back to hook up with her runner up Adrian.

Still following? Hopefully you are, because we just got our latest update in the saga.

Adrian has taken to Instagram himself to clear up the rumours, confirming that indeed he had dated Becky after she and Pete split, but, and wait for it… it only lasted three days.

Adrian and Becky shared a close connection on the show, but it didn’t last the distance.

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Adrian explained in the video: “After the show, Becky called me up. She was crying and that. She said what happened between her and Pete.”

He continued: “Me and Becky, we kept in contact. Then we decided what the heck, let’s meet up, let’s see what happens. I went in with an open mind. What did I have to lose, nothing.

“It was really good, we had an amazing three days together. But to be honest, it was just sad.”

The reality star compared the experience with dating an “ex girlfriend”.

“You are looking at her, and you used to have something special, but it’s just not there anymore.

“My heart wasn’t in it anymore. When she picked old mate I just took a massive step back,” he finished.

“My heart wasn’t in it anymore. When she picked old mate I just took a massive step back,” Adrian explained.

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He confirmed that the pair remain friends, but there is nothing more than that between them now.

The news no doubt reiterates the roller coaster few months Becky has endured.

Speaking of her blindside break up from Pete after the finale, she told Now To Love: “We spent about three days together and we had a lovely time. I think that’s why I was quite blindsided when he broke it off because, you know, in those moments he was saying all the right things.”

She continued: “Once we were back home I gave him a little bit of space and then we had a FaceTime call and he just expressed to me that he’d realised that he didn’t really think there was a spark there. I was absolutely devastated.”

Here’s hoping whichever lucky man ends up with the stunning 30-year-old realises just how fortunate he is – and gives it more than three days.

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