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EXCLUSIVE: “I was blindsided!” Bachelorette Becky Miles breaks down as she reveals what went wrong with Pete Mann

''I was absolutely devastated.''
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In Australia’s first double season of The Bachelorette fans truly were treated to double the magic and romance.

But, with twice the love came twice the heartbreak with both Elly and Becky Miles having to break someone’s heart in the intense finale.

For Becky it was kite surfing instructor Adrian Baena and for Elly it was former flame, Joe Woodbury.

Just when we thought our hearts couldn’t take much more, Becky broke the news post-finale that she and the man she gave her final rose lapel to, Pete Mann, were no longer together.

Becky and Pete’s romance lasted just three days post-finale.

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As soon as Now To Love gets on the phone with the heartbroken Bachelorette, the raw emotion creeps through in her voice before she breaks down in tears while discussing their short-lived romance.

“We spent about three days together and we had a lovely time. I think that’s why I was quite blindsided when he broke it off because, you know, in those moments he was saying all the right things,” Becky recalls.

“Once we were back home I gave him a little bit of space and then we had a FaceTime call and he just expressed to me that he’d realised that he didn’t really think there was a spark there.”

“I was absolutely devastated.”

Becky believed Pete was The One.

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Torn between her head, Pete, and her heart, Adrian, Becky believed the 34-year-old Adelaide business owner was the type of “husband material” she could build a life with.

“I thought Pete was worth the risk.”

Even 10 weeks on from filming the finale Becky is brought to tears when reflecting on her choice.

“I knew my heart lay with Adrian and I think I was a little bit scared as well to go with that because yeah,” she tells us as she chokes up.

Adrian was heartbroken when Becky didn’t give him her final rose.

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Finale heartbreak wasn’t enough to quash the undeniable chemistry between Adrian and Becky, however.

“After Pete ended things, Adrian and I reconnected. We’ve got a really beautiful friendship, he’s been very supportive.”

But fans hoping for a Blake Garvey-esque ending whereby Becky and Adrian rekindle their romance, shouldn’t hold their breath.

“We we’ve spoken about our feelings for each other now that time has passed. I don’t think there will be anything sort of romantic happening in the future.

“I think with Adrian, he was really hurt and he’s probably got some walls up there. And for me, I really put all my eggs in Pete’s basket and really put all my feelings into him.

“There’s a lot of love between Adrian and I, but I think that time has come and gone.”

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