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Here’s where you can find all the 2022 Beauty and the Geek contestants on Instagram

Because who doesn't love a deep dive?
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Another season of Beauty and the Geek is upon us and we’re so ready for a refreshing dose of everyone’s favourite wholesome reality show, hosted by the down-to-earth Sophie Monk.

With 10 beauties and 10 geeks with diverse backgrounds – from a martial arts ninja, a crypto trader, a professional mermaid, a Harry Potter mega fan, and more – expect plenty of quirky and loveable personalities on the 2022 season.

As the beauties and geeks embark on their own journeys to self-discovery – and maybe even some surprising connections along the way – super fans can learn more about the reality stars on their respective Instagram pages.

Because who doesn’t love a deep dive?

Keep scrolling to find out where to follow all the 2022 beauties and geeks on Instagram.

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(Image: Instagram)

Angelique – Social Media Content Creator, 21, NSW


(Image: Instagram)

Bri – Ex-NRL Cheerleader, 30, NSW


(Image: Instagram)

Tara – Mermaid Performer, 22, Victoria


(Image: Instagram)

Aimee – Trainee Nurse, 23, Tasmania


(Image: Instagram)

Karly – Hairdresser, 28, WA


(Image: Instagram)

Sophie – Aspiring Prime Minister, 20, WA


(Image: Instagram)

Emily – Flight Attendant, 25, NSW


(Image: Instagram)

Heidi – Waitress, 20, Victoria


(Image: Instagram)

Daniella – Miss Universe finalist, 26, WA


(Image: Instagram)

Tegan – Professional Dancer, 26, Victoria


(Image: Instagram)

Alexander – Maths teacher, 27, SA


(Image: Instagram)

Anthony – Harry Potter Fanatic, 26, NSW


(Image: Nine)

Jason – Musician, 29, Victoria


(Image: Instagram)

Chris – International Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion, 30, SA


(Image: Nine)

Jayden – Martial Arts Expert, 24, NSW


(Image: Nine)

Nate – Japanese Anime Expert, 20, SA


(Image: Instagram)

Michael – Children’s Party Entertainer, 25, NSW


(Image: Instagram)

Mike – Batman Fanatic, 20, Queensland


(Image: Instagram)

Samuel – E-Sports Champion, 25, Victoria


(Image: Nine)

Aaron – Train driver, 30, NSW


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