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EXCLUSIVE: “I love her so much”: Beauty and the Geek’s Sam dishes on whether he and Angelique are still together

''It's still very good.''
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Beauty and the Geek viewers were beside themselves when quirky couple Angelique and Sam clicked instantly on the new season of the wholesome reality show.

From the very first mixer, the pair became the best of friends – and even made up a secret handshake.

It didn’t take long for down-to-earth host Sophie Monk to notice the sweet connection and pair the E-Sports champion and social media content creator together for the remainder of the competition.

Sparks truly began to fly at the Western-themed mixer, where the cowboy-clad couple shared their first kiss.

But their time together was threatened after their disastrous attempt to land a virtual plane did naught but land them into an elimination challenge – where they lost to Tegan and Anthony.

Angelique and Sam instantly clicked.

(Image: Nine)

Following their departure from the show, dedicated fans were desperate to know whether the quirky couple had made things work on the outside.

Even past contestant and current doctor for Ninja Warrior Frank Liu-Fu took to Instagram to share his support for the pairing.

“A real shock in the system to see @spicyfriedchicken09 and @sammitchell_ leave @batg tonight. You two are absolutely amazing together, enjoy the ride into the sunset,” he wrote on his story.

At the time, Sam spoke exclusively to TV WEEK about their relationship both on and off the show.

“Honestly I couldn’t have asked for anybody better,” the geek said of Angelique. “She was the best partner. I love her so much.

“I’m just very happy that we got spend time together because she really made me shine and I felt like I made her do the exact same thing. We just had so much fun together on the whole experience.”

The pair were the second couple eliminated.

(Image: Nine)

The reality star even said that opening up to Angelique was one of the most emotional parts throughout the journey, as well as “making sure she felt the same way”.

“Because we were both very vulnerable in that situation and that’s not particularly something we’re both very good at.”

The geek also confirmed he’s “definitely” more confident since leaving the show, putting the self-growth down to Angelique’s influence.

“I’m very confident and I’m very happy and it was definitely all because of Angelique in the show,” he said.

As for whether or not they remained together, Sam kept his cards close to his chest until the show reached an end.

WATCH: Sam and Angelique kiss on Beauty And The Geek. Article continues after video

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“I won’t go into too much detail because I want everyone to see it when it comes out. Because it’s very fun. But we do still talk a lot. It’s still very good.”

At the end of it all, Sam is just thankful for the experience.

“Everybody who watched, I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart and I’m sure Angelique would as well. We both appreciate it so much from everybody. And if our story or my story touched anybody in particular, I’m just very grateful to be able to help them.”

Now, during tonight’s finale, when Sophie Monk asked the pair if they were still together, they were quick to answer.

“We are, I can say?” Sam told the host while looking to Angelique for confirmation.

“After the experiment, Sam was being all cute and that. I was shook as a chook; I wasn’t expecting it. I nearly had a heart attack,” Angelique added.

Leading up to the finale, their Instagrams proved the couple remained on good terms – romantic or not.

Sharing a photo from the animal-themed nightclub mixer, which saw Sam dress up as a penguin and Angelique as a rainbow lorikeet, the beauty wrote: “Although I & @sammitchell__ ended up getting eliminated fairly early I am immensely grateful that we got to make our impact & inspire people to be true to themselves – leaving @batg knowing we were authentic & positive throughout the experience leaves me with no regrets whatsoever.

Sam and Angelique donned matching face masks during their time on the show.

(Image: Nine)

“I thank you @sammitchell__ for teaching me how to be more vulnerable, to be more in touch with myself and my true feelings rather than just supressing or denying how I feel – you’ve helped me to grow into a much more vulnerable and softer person and I will forever thankyou for that Sammy ✨❤️🦋.”

Sam was quick to comment on the tribute, penning: “You are actually amazing! You can be so proud about everything, don’t let anyone try to put out your light. You’ve helped me immensely and I can’t even begin to explain how amazing you are. FLY HIGH ANGEL ALIEN 👽.”

Meanwhile, the E-Sports champion also took to his own Instagram to reminisce on his own BATG experience.

“Although our journey has come to an end, I’m so grateful for this whole experience. I’ve come away with lifelong friends and met such an amazing person. @spicyfriedchicken09 has made such an impact on my life and I am so thankful to her.”

Angelique commented: “IM PROUD OF US WE DID OUR BEST ALIEN ✨🌈💕.”

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