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Goodbye my lover! All the best Twitter reactions to Ciarran leaving on The Bachelorette

This was not meant to go this way!
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Hearts broke across Australia when The Bachelorette fan-favourite Ciarran Stott left the mansion during Thursday’s episode.

A clear front-runner, the lovable Brit was left feeling like an “emotional wreck”, after hearing that his beloved Nan had passed away.

Given that there was plenty of drama during the cocktail party, Angie was unaware that Ciarran wasn’t his happy self.

But it was clear to us that something wasn’t right, especially during Wednesday’s episode.

“What’s this d—head saying now?” Ciarran asked Alex (who is most definitely mute), clearly agitated over Jamie’s drama.

“This whole night has overshadowed what I need to say to Angie.”

Then, the ex-army rifleman blew up at Timm for stirring the pot, before storming out of the cocktail party.

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Ciarran blew up at Timm for stirring drama.

(Source: Network Ten)

On Thursday’s episode, we watched the fall-out from the night before in disbelief.

Devastated, Ciarran ripped his microphone off and demanded that he was allowed to leave the mansion. Of course, Angie was left totally confused by the whole thing and needed answers.

Here is when we found out that the 26-year-old’s Nan, his “rock” and “saving grace” had passed away and he had to make the tough decision to leave the mansion.

Heartbroken, Angie agreed that family came first and after an emotional kiss and tearful farewell, our dear sweet Ciarran left in a limousine.

“What if he was the one?” a devastated Angie asked, as she watched Ciarran’s car drive away.

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During his time on the show, fans fell in love with Ciarran thanks to his unwavering confidence and epic personality.

But it was when he opened up about his home life, that people were really taken with this guy.

“I’m from a poor area in Bolton [near Manchester], and growing up, we didn’t have much money,” Ciarran, who was raised by his single mother, told Angie.

“It was a rough place; we lived on a council estate.”

Ciarran also found himself in the middle of a bruising battle between his parents, after he packed up and moved to Perth with his father as a teenager.

“My dad moved back here when I was 13,” Ciarran says. “I came for a holiday and loved it, so decided to come back for six months and go to school.

“After the six months was up, I wanted to stay, so I rang my mum and said I didn’t want to come back. We fell out after that because she felt like my dad had stolen me away.

“We didn’t talk until I was 18 years old – she felt like I had abandoned her.”

Angie and Ciarran meet for the first time.

(Source: Network Ten)

Ciarran’s upbringing and his ability to make the most out of every situation was something that even Angie’s dad saw as a plus – he even remarked that he could definitely picture seeing these two together.

And while Angie was sad to see Ciarran leave, Australian viewers were left absolutely distraught.

Here are some of the best Tweets summing up the feelings of seeing Ciarran leave…

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