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Bachelorette 2018: Ali Oetjen’s bliss! Is she pregnant already?

We already know she's fallen in love...
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Looks like Bachelorette Ali Oetjen’s dreams have come true after all, because the clucky star stepped out in Melbourne earlier this month cradling what looked a whole lot like the beginnings of a blossoming baby bump!

Indeed, Ali has made no secret of the fact that she’s super keen to become a mum – and ASAP.

“I want two kids,” the 32-year-old revealed earlier this year. “I’d ideally like twins – one boy and one girl.”

Of course, Ali has already been penning down a list of baby names, as she confirms, “I’d like one to be Heidi,” hinting that the daddy-to-be will pick the other bub’s name.

Ali Oetjen has revealed she found love in the mansion, but will there be a pitter patter of tiny feet as well? (Source: Instagram)

But one thing she’s keeping, er, mum on is who exactly her new man is.

Yep, as the beauty’s love story continues to play out on TVs across the country, NW hears rumblings that one of her three frontrunners – Taite Radley, Bill Goldsmith and Todd King – could be hearing the pitter patter of four tiny feet early next year!

What’s more, all have admitted to NW that they are super keen to have children, too.

“I’m just looking to fall in love and, like, find that deepest love possible,” Melbourne-based plumber Bill, 31, gushes.

“I want to create a family and get married. I think there’d be nothing more gratifying [for me and Ali] than creating and raising a child together.”

Meanwhile, “Prince Charming” Todd, 26, is equally keen to get his DILF on.

“I wanted to have kids before 30,” the Perth hottie says.

“In terms of a time frame, I think Ali and I on the same page.” Could that be, like, early next year, Todd?

As for Melbourne-based bank manager Taite? Well, the 28-year-old is totally in sync with Ali when it comes to what his “perfect family” looks like. “I’d definitely love to have kids,” he tells NW. “Something similar to what my mum and dad have – two kids, I think, would be awesome.”

It’s been quite the rocky road – mostly played out on reality TV – for Ali to get to this point.

Of course, she failed to find love with Bachelor Tim Robards back in 2013, losing out to his now wife Anna Heinrich. Then, after an engagement to her ex Dave Waldeck, she tried her luck on TV again, this time on Bachelor In Paradise, which ended in disaster after her messy split from American Bachelor Grant Kemp.

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But now it looks like it’s, er, fourth time lucky for the romantic, as she seemingly prepares to expand her fam!

“I’m super happy,” Ali admits. “I knew I was going to find that right person for me at the end. I’ve properly met the love of my life.” Awww!

So, while we’ll have to wait and see which lucky guy Ali has chosen to settle down with, it seems that the Bachelorette is – at last! – living out her fairytale.

“My dream has always been to live my life with the man that I wanna be with forever,” Ali gushes to NW. “I definitely want to get engaged, married and have a family.”
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Just not necessarily in that order, hey Ali? Congrats girl!

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