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Bachie girls back together! Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston reunite with their former co-stars

''Love my girls.''
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Whilst we love the love stories that emerge from The Bachelor, sometimes the friendships made are even cuter.

2021’s winning couple Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston, who are currently holidaying in Melbourne, proved there’s no bad blood between them and former contestants Carlie Hodges, Lily Price and Tahnee Leeson when they met for a reunion.

Taking to Instagram, Holly shared a photo of herself and her fellow Bachie contestants as well as one of Jimmy with his arms around Carlie, Lily and Tahnee and Holly standing separately from them.

“Our reunion was all fun and games until I didn’t get invited on the group date ➡️,” she captioned the post. “Love my girls @carliehodges @lilykprice @tahneerae 💓”

Holly, Carlie, Lily and Tahnee were close in the Bachelor mansion.


The former Bachelor contestants shared their own sweet messages along with photos from the reunion.

“Thankful for these incredible women and to @jimmynicholson for bringing them into my life in the craziest way ever 🤍,” Tahnee sweetly captioned several group photos.

Last night back with my favourites, heart is full 💛 💫,” Lily, wrote.

Meanwhile Carlie, who made it into Jimmy’s top four, remarked: “These photos fill my cup to the brim and take me straight back to the once-in-a-lifetime experience we all shared together. Nothing but love for every single one of these amazing lifelong friends of mine 💕.”

“Our reunion was all fun and games until I didn’t get invited on the group date.”


It’s safe to say there was a lot of women supporting women between the group when the show went to air.

Carlie even confessed to WHO that if she didn’t win she wanted Holly to win since “they’re really similar people.”

“Holly and I were inseparable in the mansion and she’s so funny and so dorky and so thoughtful. I think they’d feed really well off each other if they end up together after this. I can just see their banter working,” she said.

“I can see the things that she’d bring to a relationship and I obviously know the things that Jimmy’s wanting as well. Meeting his mum Susan, she has that sense of humour as well so I can see how Holly would easily slot into that family as well.”

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Jimmy and Holly are currently living together in Sydney’s Bondi but since the city was in lockdown when they could finally go public with their relationship, it started unusually.

“We skipped a lot of the first steps to a relationship, where you’re going on coffee dates or doing all the simple things,” Jimmy told TV WEEK at the time.

“So, we’re really looking forward to getting back to normal life.”

Holly added: “It’s been such a long slog, particularly with lockdown and not being able to see each other that much. I think it’s just such a relief to finally have everything out in the open.”

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