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Are Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston still together after The Bachelor Australia finale?

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Jimmy Nicholson declared his love for Holly Kingston during The Bachelor Australia finale, but have the duo gone the distance?

The couple took to social media shortly after the episode aired to confirm their romance is still going strong!

Sharing a photo alongside her boyfriend in the stunning Northern Territory setting of the final rose ceremony, Holly gushed about her new romance.

“I can finally say I believe in the saying ‘when you know… you know’. It feels so ridiculously good to share with you all that I’ve met my soulmate,” she wrote.

Holly and Jimmy are all loved up!

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“It was a rocky road to get there, but I’d do it ten times over for this guy right here,” she continued.

“To my love – thank you for having my back since day one, for seeing through the mindless nonsense, for the endless belly laughs and for loving every part of me.”

“I can’t wait to stumble through life with my best friend… even though you have no concept of a morning voice and you crunch in my ear during every phone call.”

Well, isn’t that just the cutest! Jimmy also shared an update with his followers after the finale, saying he was lucky to have his girlfriend.

“Holly, I cannot begin to describe how lucky I feel to have you in my life,” he wrote. “You have been my absolute rock over the past few months and I could never have asked for a more perfect person to walk into my life.”

“Your infectious smile, cheeky banter, constant love and support make me want to be the best version of myself,” he sweetly continued.

“It started with a cheeky wine on the red carpet and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Holly and Jimmy reveal they’re still together outside of the show.

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The happy news that the pair are still together comes as no surprise, with Jimmy recently revealing his future plans with the winner.

“I’m really, really happy to say that I’m in love and I met someone who I just absolutely adore,” the star told us ahead of the finale. “I took a leap of faith and it all worked out.”

“We definitely both want a family,” Jimmy added, “But we’re both realistic, we’ll take it at a realistic pace. I’m 32 now so I’d like to have a family in the next five years.”

“For now we’re both really excited about hanging out with each other in public.”

Holly and Jimmy are all loved up!

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