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The Bachelor Australia: 5 things we thought during the finale

Everything you may've missed during tonight's explosive finale
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In the words of the Honey Badger, holy strewth – we won’t forget tonight’s finale of The Bachelor Australia in a hurry.

Poor Britt and Sophie were left heartbroken at the final hurdle, when Nick Cummins decided he couldn’t commit to either of them.

But amid all that drama, it can be easy to gloss over some of the other key moments during tonight’s action-packed episode – and yes, Nick’s hot brother Luke does feature.

1. Is Nick’s ukulele his one true love?

If you weren’t already aware, Nick and the girls travelled to New Caledonia with Aircalin (kudos to the marketing team for that one. Currently looking up flights to visit that piece of paradise). But with just one piece of cabin luggage allowed, and Nick’s decision to ditch a carry-on bag for a ukulele, we can’t help but wonder where he stored his valuables. And more importantly, did he serenade the passengers?

2. Sophie, tell us your secret!

We don’t know about you guys but we’ll do anything to avoid getting our hair wet and looking like a bewildered bald animal. But Sophie completely rocks it and genuinely looks as if she’s in one of those sexy TV commercials. Sigh.

3. Looking good, Luke

Forget Nick – his brother Luke is a total babe. He’s full of wisdom, too. Maybe Soph or Britt should hook up with him instead?!

4. Say cheese

We’re not sure what’s more annoying – Nick not choosing a winner or the amount of cheese platters that go to waste during filming. We totally get that Nick and Britt need to have a heart to heart, but girl gotta eat!

5. Safety first

For somebody who spends so much time outdoors you’d think Nick would have learnt how to apply SPF. But he showed off a pretty nasty sunburn during his jet ski date with Sophie. Sorry Nick – but there’s fat chance she’ll rub in that after sun for you now!

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