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The Bachelor: Fans are losing it over Cass’s high-cut bikini

It certainly didn't leave much to the imagination.
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We all breathed a sigh of relief when 23-year-old Cass finally snagged her first single date on The Bachelor last night.

And while she’s earned a reputation as being a stage five clinger on the show, it was the blonde bombshell’s risque bikini on her Wet and Wild date with Nick Cummins that had everyone talking.

“There is no way various bits and pieces of Cass didn’t “accidentally” pop out of that bikini,” one viewer penned.

“I’ve seen maxi pads bigger than that bikini…” another quipped.

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Nick seemed to approve!

Thankfully, a wardrobe malfunction was the only thing she had to worry about as she received a rose and a smooch after her date which any adrenaline junkie would have loved.

The rugby player and student who hails from Sydney’s Northern Beaches shared a few snaps from her date on her Instagram account captioning it, “A little more wild than I bargained for.”

This isn’t the first time Cass’s style has caused a reaction. After Cass Wood rocked up at the first cocktail party in the show’s premiere, viewers took to Twitter to comment on her hair extensions. And not in a positive way.

The Bachelor Cassandra Wood's hair extensions

Remember this?

“Those hair extensions on Cass are a shocker. She should have asked for a better hairdresser in her ‘dream diary,'” one person noted.

“Cass your hair extensions are worse than your flirting abilities,” said another.

“Pity about Cass’s hair extensions or lack there of,” another added.

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Let’s see if her relationship with Nick will blossom even more…

Take a look back at some of Cass’s clingiest moments on The Bachelor.

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