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Who will win Jimmy Nicholson’s heart on The Bachelor Australia? The final three ladies tell all

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It’s getting down to crunch time on The Bachelor Australia, with just three contestants left in the race to win Jimmy Nicholson’s heart – but who will receive the final red rose?

It’s a tough decision for the Bachie this week, choosing between this trio of beauties on his journey to find The One.

Ahead of finale this week, we catch up with his leading ladies – Brooke, Jay and Holly – to see what’s in store for the last two episodes.

Brooke Cleal: “Why I had to come back”

Jimmy and Brooke share a special connection.

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Brooke didn’t make the decision to return to The Bachelor Australia mansion after the passing of her grandpa lightly. Heartbroken as she was, she was determined to find out where she stood with Jimmy.

“Jimmy and I truly have a unique connection,” Brooke, 27, tells TV WEEK.

“It’s very special and raw, hence why I came back. I needed to know where it was going.”

After the final single date with Jimmy, Brooke was positive she’d made the right decision.

“He’s a real gentleman and very patient with me,” she says. “I get extremely excited, talkative and playful, and he’s good at bringing me down a few levels.”

“Our constant back-and-forth banter is so much fun. He’s also so gullible! It made the cheekiness of our connection 10 times funnier!”

Jay Lal: “I could never fake a connection”

Jay has fallen head over heels for Jimmy.

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Jay’s connection with Jimmy has been strong from the moment he gave her the Business Lounge key. Since then, she’s been at the centre of a few rumours, but watching the show back, Jay feels she was taken out of context.

“I heard the words ‘There for the wrong reason’, but I know I could never fake a connection like the one Jimmy and I have,” Jay, 31, shares.

In their private moments together, Jay could see a future with him.

“I wouldn’t have stayed on The Bachelor if I didn’t see a future with Jimmy,” she says.

“While it sounds great to live in a mansion and go on extravagant dates, it’s not fun being away from your loved ones or to see the guy you’re falling for take other girls on dates.”

Holly Kingston: “It’s electric”

Is Holly going to be Jimmy’s leading lady?

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She struggled to get along with some of the girls during her time in the mansion, but the moment she met Jimmy, Holly knew it was worth it.

“I’ve never experienced chemistry right off the bat like that,” Holly, 27, admits.

“A lot of the girls didn’t get my dry sense of humour, so when I had time with Jimmy, it was a breath of fresh air. I didn’t have to explain myself or try to be someone I wasn’t.”

Soon, the relationship grew.

“When we’re together, the chemistry is electric, but we’re also able to go from deep chats to fits of belly laughter,” Holly explains.

“We have the communication and the best friendship down pat, which would make for a really fulfilling relationship long term.”

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